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Teatime. by vergilsaigakuzai
It's been quite a while I made this art, but I never managed to post it ^^; Two of the Seven Sins drinking tea.

At the left is Pride from :iconsysirauta:Sysirauta and Wrath (mine).

And yes, this is pretty much a fandom.
The Birthday Party

When Tundra woke up in his room, he stared around, feeling a little strange. He later moved the curtains away and turned wide eyed.
"Huh-" he gasped. Medieval, ornate-decorated buildings were around, with the people down there dressed classic-like.
"How the heck my house moved to Durem?" He blurted, tilting his head. All of the sudden, he heard some thumps before turning to his bag, which was jumping around madly.
"EH-!!" he yelped, before grabbing the bag. The bag later stopped moving, before he heard cracks from it. He later then dug his hand into the bag, before something snapped his hand.
"YEOW!!!" he screamed, tugging his hand out from the bag. A red baby dinosaur was hanging at his fingers with the mouth still biting his hand.
"A-a dinosaur?" he blurted, wide eyed. The dino got the same red eyes as he had, sparkling like a flawless ruby. He later held the dino before placing it on the bed, letting it to open its mouth.
"Nod-Nod! Nodlomu!!" It yapped, trying to stand up on the bed but it kept falling down.
"I guess you're hungry eh?" Tundra giggled, before lifting the dino to the pantry. After minutes searching the fridge, he pulled out a carton of milk, before filling it in a bottle and placed the bottle in a pot filled with water, warming it up.
"So, Nodlomu?" He lifted his eyebrows, before the dinosaur nodded gleefully. "This is my first time seeing a dinosaur in Gaia, to be honest." he stuttered.
"Dol?" Nodlomu yapped, tilting it's head. After handing the warm milk, he later opened his drawers before pulling out his ripped glove, revealing his black hands with an orange pad and shiny, orange tipped razor sharp claws that grew directly after his second fingers' joints were hidden all the time. He then looked at it, before sniffing his hands.
"The stench of blood is still I can remove this away?" he muttered, before noticing he ran out of gloves to wear. "Oh great!!"
"Nom..?" the baby dino yapped, suckling on the milk bottle. Sour facedly, he wore back the ripped glove, hoping it doesn't reveal his claws.
"I guess I need to find some gloves later..." he moaned, before taking an apple to eat.
"So far I can only eat apples and drink tea. Which is good." he thought, munching.

Meanwhile, when Starburst woke up, she noticed the atmosphere was strange, causing her to stand up and darted to the window. The house where Tundra used to stay now was vacant, leaving her the only resident at the barren patch of land.
"Even he moved away...could it be he moved after the twins does?" she muttered lowly, before cleaning herself up. Later she noticed a flock of butterflies fluttered at her front yard, causing her to open the door. One of them was holding a letter, causing Star to take it gently.
"Starburst, you're invited to my neighborhood at Gambino! Come as fast as you can! Annabelle." the letter wrote.
"Ah-Anna got a neighborhood too! I guess I should start packing now, this place kind of feels lonely." she blurted. After done packing and moved out everything to the said place, she took a last look of where Granadia's cottage used to be, before she turned her back.
"The past is the past. There's no way turning back now." she thought, and walked away, before her own house disappeared. After taking a taxi and a boat to Gambino, she finally reached Anna's neighborhood, where Anna could be seen waiting.
"Ah there you are! We've been waiting for you!" Anna beamed, waving at her. She later led Star to her house, before noticing Alice, Alastair and Travis were baking some marshmallows impaled on a stick at the bonfire.
"Oh she's here already." Alice blurted, waving her marshmallow before it fell on Alastair's lap. The steaming hot, sticky marshmallow caused Al to scream on top of his lungs, rolling on the sand.
"Whoops." The former blurted, lifting her twin up. "My bad."
"What's the idea moving here without telling me ha?" Star asked, frowning.
"They're making a birthday party for you, Star-dono!" Travis hopped, while munching a marshmallow. This caused Star to jolt.
"And anyways, grats for finishing SMEB! Without us that is, but don't worry, we'll train hard so we can go together!" Alastair grinned. "We're not mad anyways, we know you waited Granadia for too long.  We too had been waiting for him, but since he's back, who knows, we can do it again with him someday!" he added, giggling.
"Yeah. At least you know how to beat that crook's ass this time, right?" Alice shrugged, causing Star to nod.
"Anyways, come on! The party's starting!" Annabelle grinned, tugging the trio to the yard.

"Hm? A party at Anna's house eh?" Maikuru blurted, leaning at his balcony while holding a letter. He later sat up, opening it.
"Hmm...I think I know what to do..." he squinted, snapping his fingers.
"Huh? Me going to Annabelle's house? Are you nuts?" Tun squealed, pointing at himself.
"No I'm not of course! If sir Neur hears this too, I bet he'll invite you too!" Maikuru frowned. The latter then walked around, his face full of guilt.
"Besides, won't they be happy seeing their old friend back?" Maikuru added, folding his arms.
"You might be right-but what about Starburst?" Tun yammered, moaning.
"That's another problem, but don't worry! See?" He pointed at the back, where a flock of butterflies could be seen at the window, with the invitation letter with it.
"They invited you too! So no use if you gonna reject!" Maiku sneered. "Besides, they got a lot of cakes! Sweets! And fruits!" he added, causing the window to turn dark, making the due to turn at the window and yelled. Neurmal was there, flying at the window.
"I didn't get any! No fair!" He groaned.
"That's cuz they never know about you making a Gaia account!" Maikuru frowned. "Besides, they never gonna believe if you even DID."
"True." Tundra and Neurmal nodded.
"Don't worry, I'll settle about you, Sir." Maikuru grinned. So the trio went to the said place after using the directions in the letter. As soon they reached the place, the one who were waiting for them is Alastair.
"Ah hey there Maikuru! And...who's that? And-" he gasped, seeing Tundra peeking behind Maikuru like a scared person.
"Uh-I got Annabelle's invitation-" Tun stuttered, but all of the sudden Alastair leapt at him like a long lost friend, causing the two to crash on the sand.
"Glad you're back, old friend!!" Alastair cried, grinning at him. "We missed you like a lot!!" he added, shaking the lad, which let out a squeal.

"What's going on here Al-" A stern woman voice echoed at his back, causing the two to turn. Alice was there, wide eyed seeing Tundra being pinned by Alastair on the ground.
"Alice-" All of the sudden Alice also jumped on the two, causing him to yelp.
"Where had you been all these days?! I thought at first Star was bluffing that you came back but after we saw you back at Barton-we were-we were-!!" Alice sobbed, before all of the sudden she shook Tun violently, throwing his glasses away. "YOU LITTLE TROLL OF A MOTHERTORTURER!!" she added, shaking him up and down.
"Uh-Alice, let that guy down..." Alastair laughed nervously, seeing Tundra got dazed by the violent shaking. Even his mouth was foaming.
"Whoops!" She blurted. She later pulled Tundra up and gave his glasses back, before patting the guy. "By the way, who's that?" She added, pointing at Neur.
"Ah, just my housemate. Not going to leave him all alone, you know. He's Neurmal." Maikuru explained, before Neur bowed gently.
"Anyways, let's go in. The rest of the gang is waiting for you two!" Alastair grinned, before they walked near the bonfire where the rest of the gang could be seen having a merry party.
"Sorry, Artic can't come today, she said she's been in a wee bit of a dog days. I dunno, she kinda shooed me away all of the sudden." A blonde android mumbled, before turning to the beach, where the five were coming. Tun noticed the android, before the two started to walk towards each other, before it ended up into running, and finally, a jumping hug.
"GRANADIA!!" The android yelled, spinning around.
"Kuro-san!! Been a long time!!" Tundra yapped, before the two started to jig around, and ended up starting to chase each other, flying in circles, yammering and yapping like puppies.
"At least someone's being jolly-go-lucky these days." Alice blurted.
"OI!!" a loud yell appeared, before another blonde pounced on Tundra, causing him to let out a dog-like yelp. It was Von, grinning wide as ever.
"YOU NEVER TOLD US YOU GONNA COME BACK!!" Von yelled, shaking him like how Alice did.
"S-STOP SHAKING ME!!" Tun squealed, before Von was lifted at his collar by using Kiro's fishing pole.
"Told you he's a hardcore bastard." Kiro sneered, before turning back at Tun. "How did you survive that explosion long ago?" she added, wide eyed. Tun later explained everything that happened to him, making all of them nodded.

"Anyways, let's go start the party since everyone's here now!" Alice blurted. So all of them stood up and gathered where Annabelle and Star was waiting. "Here you go, all of us here! Except Artic. Never seen that lass ever since that incident." she added.
"Don't ask me, I know nothing." Kuro rolled his eyes.
"You've been with her all these two years so how come you don’t know? Don't tell me you got naughty at her." Alice sneered, causing the android to splutter.
"DID NOT!!!" He screamed, his hair, shoulder fur and tail puffed, and his cheeks were glowing red. Tun just watched at him while lifting an eyebrow, causing Kuro to stammer and groaned.
"Fine. I married her. We got two kids." he spat, causing all of them to fall, Annabelle and Star included.
"YOU WHAT?!! YOU MARRIED HER?! BUT YOU'RE A DAMN CYBORG!!" Maikuru spluttered, before Kuro glowed in orange sparkles, revealing his old looks 12 years ago.
"I can shift myself to be back my old me or the current me after I retrieved back my old body at the lab. No biggie." he sneered, floating in midair as he used to do long ago.
"So that what makes you two got busy all these days eh! Even never visited us too! Sly bat!" Starburst frowned, before the rest of the gangs laughed out loud.
"Don't worry, it's not only him having a lil surprise!" Von giggled, nudging Kiro that seemed to be a little fatter than before.
"YOU GUYS TOO?!" Tundra spluttered, wide eyed. Kiro only let out an embarrassed nod, her bangs shaded her face.
"I heard Roxis also start dating with Lance, not to mention! But not Shiro though. he hates it." Von giggled, before turning to Tundra. "That makes you the only loner Origin guy. Got your eyes on someone already?" he asked, before all of them turned at him.
"No-no of course! I don't even know who, or worse, you know me!" Tun yammered, before his mouth drop open like when he used to talk as Granadia. "Nabady ganna laike a killa dating tham ya knaw. Samewan wha ais ansane enaff wall da dat." He pouted, before all of them laughed.
"Now that's the Granadia I know! Heard you changed your name to Kagine Tundra so I guess I'll just address you as Kagine then." Kuro muttered. "Well, calling you Tundra gives me the shivers."
"Agreed. Let's just call him Kagine from now on, or depends." Alice muttered.
"I don't mind being called as Tundra though. It's what I am anyways, I only changed my outfit, but my face is still of the killer's..." Tun muttered, pulling his hood down, showing his whole head and the signature blue wolf ears of Yugure's.

While the party was ongoing, Tun noticed Star wasn't joining them, even shunned herself away.
"What's with her?" Tundra asked, looking at Star while Annabelle came at him.
"Remember the promise we made to go to SMEB together and cleared it? She kinda broke the promise by going all alone without waiting for us." she explained, sitting on the log beside the lad. "So she felt guilty for doing it."
"She-broke Granadia's promise?" he gasped, before looking at his reflection in the water, which slowly changed to his old self, startling him.
"I heard the news, so how you're going to make that deity's wish come true if she broke it?" the reflection asked, a little sad.
"Of all places to appear, why in the water?!" Tun spluttered, causing Anna to look at him bewildered.
"What's wro-" she took a peek in the water, and eventually also saw the reflection, which was wide eyed seeing her. "The old Tundra that Star spoke about!"
"Don't worry, he's harmless." Tun shushed her down, before turning to the water. "And that's the problem now. Since she broke it, how we're going to realize it?" he added, frowning.
"You don't know Gran's current state now right?" the reflection asked, before the two shook their heads, causing the reflection to sigh.
"Granada's slowly turning to a Null Crystal. Sooner or later he'll disappear, that was why he wanted to fulfill that wish. But the problem is-how now? If he knows Star finished SMEB without you, he'll get really, REALLY DISSAPOINTED and may materialize to a crystal real fast!" it moaned, causing the two to gasp.
"Oh what're we gonna do?!" Annabelle muttered.
"By now, keep that as a secret. And make sure you hand that device to her!" the reflection barked, before it disappeared.
"Oh-this!!" Tun gasped, pulling the keychain. "I forgot I didn't even hand her a gift yet. “Can you give this to her later?" he asked politely.
"Sure, why not." Annabelle nodded. Later near dusk, the party ended, leaving the three As and Star alone at the beach.

"Oh Star, here. It's from Tundra." Annabelle gasped, gently handing her the keychain.
"Huh? A toy?" she blurted, before all of the sudden the screen glowed open. A moving creature, which seemed to be a Feathered Coatl with its head being covered by a striped cloth and two long extensions hanging below the head, was flitting around the screen. Noticing Star, the Coatl pixel suddenly turned at her, and acted as if it was very happy by yapping while flapping the wings.
"Funny, it seemed to be happy seeing me." Star chuckled. She later started to tinker with the device more while walking to her home. All her gifts were stacked at a corner, before she sat down and looked at the device once again.
"Hmm...I wonder how does this thing works." she muttered before pressing one of the three buttons, which showed some menus on the Coatl and below it. She noticed each menu was different, so pressed the same button and the symbol moved to the other menu.
"So this is the Choose button...hmm...huh?" she noticed the Coatl pointed it's left wing to the middle button, before she pressed it. All of the sudden the screen glowed like a flashlight, causing her to jump.
"Huh-WHA-WHAT THE-" She yelped before all of the sudden the light turned brighter, and soon enough, the device fell on her bed, but Starburst isn't anywhere to be seen.
Mi4d 4 : Roles of the Seasons 6
After being secretly moved out by Maikuru and Neurmal, Tundra found himself at Durem. At the same time, a dinosaur named Nodlomu hatched from an egg from his bag, making his breakfast more livelier. Starburst at the same time accepted Annabelle's invitation to move away from Barton to Gambino. Maikuru, at the same time, took this chance to let Tundra to meet his old friends, which ended up in a very merry state. Starburst later tinkered with Tundra's toy device that he gave via Anna, before she disappeared after pressing a button as instructed by the Coatl.

Prev: Mi4d 4 : Role of the Seasons Filler 2
Next: Ongoing
Aggro Problems

Later, when Tundra was about to leave, he heard a yap at his back, causing him to turn. All the mirrors currently are blank, except for one.
"Granadia-I thought you had already left..." Tun blurted, walking back towards him.
"Actually...I got something to ask you." Gran muttered, looking on the ground while sitting cross legged in mid air. "Can you fulfill the promise that we made 11 years ago?"
"M-Me? How? My CL is only 1 since I just came here!" he gasped.
"No need to worry about that." Another voice appeared, causing Tun to turn backwards. N was there, smiling.
"Among the rest of the guys, mine's the easiest to be fulfilled, because I made it so. It might be a little hard getting Gran's trust rather than I am, because I believed in myself, that is you, Tundra." he added, grinning.
"N..." Tundra gasped. N then looked around before folding his arms.
"By the way, notice how the mirrors are arranged? It's actually telling us clues about the relic. This lake here is actually right on the center of Gaia, and we're arranged to poles." he explained. "As you can see, I'm sitting at the western pole while Granadia sat at the eastern. And your house currently is at the north, causing the old you to appear mostly rather than us. If you understand better, you know what I mean." he added.
"Does this mean-" Tun gasped. "The reflections that appeared from the mirrors actually tells me what relic is close to me?"
"Yes. And by the way. You need to fly up." N blurted. Flitting his blue wings as fast as he could, he floated up high enough and saw something interesting. Somehow far behind where the mirrors on the ponds were, the grasses and trees seemed to be varied in colors. Even the northern area is covered by snow.
"I see...different colored patches of grass and trees...and snow up north." Tun explained after landing.
"Notice where did you came from?" N pointed at his back, where Maikuru's castle, as white as ivory and looked like it's in a fairy tale was situated. "The poles here also represents the four season. I'm representing the Spring Equinox, and Gran represents Autumn Equinox. Dark is Summer Solstice, and the old you is Winter Solstice. And each of us now were granted four elements. Like me is Earth." he explained, before a small sapling popped from his hands. "Dark is Fire, Gran is Wind and the old you is Water."
"Ah-so each of you got a weakness and advantages..." Tundra muttered, wide eyed.
"Yesh. Also, we still had our old ringsets which may be very helpful for you. As you know me..." he showed his rings at his fingers, where all the ones at the left were attack rings and the right hand were conquered by healing rings.

"So you're a healer...what about the others?" Tundra asked.
"I'm more to balanced..." Gran showed his rings, where there are attacks, buffs and healing rings. "Dark might be more to a striker since he doesn't have any healing rings, only two buff rings. The old you is hard to explain, but since he can easily shift his Zodiac elements and changes rings easily, he's the most powerful from us four."
"But hey, you got your Celestial Brush, Granadia. Only you had it. Whilst for special ability is the Harmonia, where I'll be able to heal while buffing my teammates with high-level regen and status increase, which is useful for starters. Tundra and his Zodiacal Chaos that causes massive elemental damage and it's an AoE, and Dark's ability of Blood-bending and summoning familiars from it..." N pouted.
"Well then..I guess I'll try finding your relic first, N.'s at the east eh..." he muttered, taking notes. Later when he was done, he still noticed Granadia isn't budging.
"I don't know I should trust you or not to get my relic since I've been contaminated..." he muttered. "A bloody killer using my body is kinda..."
"That's me long ago. Not the current..." Tun mumbled. "I regretted myself from all the days I have been doing mass murder..."
"As N says, each of us got different requirements. Though you can't see it from that device, you need to give that to someone you trusted the most. Most possibly...S-" Gran muttered, before Tundra interrupted.
"Starburst. Right? She's been our close friend and even waited for you. So I think she deserves this. And you know already we are one person, just different looks, that's all..." Tun squeaked. "B-but the problem is, she's kinda giving me the nasty shoulders, not to mention since the first day I came here..." he added, moaning.
"Blame the old you." The two reflections grunted, causing the mirror between Granadia and N to sparkle, revealing the old Tun, as annoyed as ever.
"Still taking bad at my back? Sheesh!" The reflection frowned, causing the two to turn and pretended to do nothing.
"Well, now you just need to hand her that when the time is good enough." he added, before the other two nodded.
"I wonder when though. Anyways, I think I should leave now. Kyurem's calling me." Tundra blurted, before the three disappeared, leaving Tundra's current reflection at the mirror. He took a last look at it before running back to where Neurmal was waiting.
"We had decided. We will follow you." the ice-covered dragon spoke, causing Tundra to became wide eyed.
"Huh-really? B-but you gonna follow me around with that look?" the latter spluttered, before the former glowed in white and somehow shriveled, forming a silhouette. The light then disappeared, revealing a red-haired person with four angelic wings and stuffed dragon hands.
"I won't be in Gaia if I cannot be one." He grinned. Later, Maikuru appeared at the arch, red faced.
"She left and I lost her." He mumbled, bowing.
"Don't worry. She'll be back soon. For now, Tundra, got any clues of the relics?" Neurmal asked.

"..." Granadia, in the Distortion World was sitting on a lone island covered with grass and small flowering shrubs stared at the floating crystal in front of him before stared at himself at the mirror, where he could see shards of Null Crystal that seemed to grow at his back, but it was hidden under the cape.
"Hey~" A loud merry voice bellowed at his back, causing the deity to jump. Behind him is a gigantic, long serpentine dragon with a human head, staring at him happily with it's sparking yellow eyes.
"R-Raziel? What is it?" Gran blurted, wide eyed.
"You always been this moody, and it's worse this time. Something gone bad?" Raziel asked, slithering in the air around him.
"Uh..." Gran muttered, before looking down. The dragon later stopped slithering and looked at the deity, sobbing on the ground.
"Oh my. I guess I kinda nailed it." Raz blurted, scratching his head. "Anything I can help with?" he added.
"Well I don't know Raz. I'm trapped in here, can't get out and these...crystal growing at me seemed to seep on the powers nearby, and even including myself. Sooner or later, I'll-"
"Disappear and turn into the crystal itself, I know. But the good thing you had a lot of spiritual power, hence you can stay on this long." The dragon muttered, slowly coiling the island. "But come on, you can't give up that early! Where's that enthusiasm and spirit of yours had gone like how you used to act like when trying to save your creator?"
"You know I got abandoned for like ten years before I noticed I turned into Tundra because he's been busy with real life..." Gran mumbled, swiping his forehead with his third hand, which is his scarf. Raziel later peeked at the growing Null Crystal at his back, before hummed.
"You know, there IS a way to prevent that from growing much more. Or who knows, you can recover back from being cursed to be a Null Crystal too." he nodded, before Gran turned at him.
"H-How?" He asked, wide eyed.
"Dad might know. He said if there's a curse, there's a cure. Not sure how, but he might tell ya about it bit by bit." he mumbled.
"Hmm...well I can see he's full of despair and sorrow around him." A rougher voice appeared, causing Raz to swivel a little to the left, revealing his older brother, Lance behind him.
"And look." They suddenly heard crackles, causing Gran to turn to his back and yelped. The crystal somehow had ripped the cape as it grew more longer like porcupine's quills.
"That crystal ate his negative emotions, so it grew faster with each negativity he emitted." Lance frowned. "So stop thinking negative!"
"Yeah, Gran! Well...if you turn more cheerful as usual, I bet the crystal won't grow in a faster rate!" Raz yapped. "If you believed the current you, I'm sure everything will go fine!" he added.
"Mmm...okay. I'll give it a shot. And that reminds me-" Gran gasped wide eyed. "Tomorrow's her birthday! And yet I don't know what to give her..." he added, grumbling.
"Well, look what are your friends doing." Lance spoke, before the trio looked forward. A shard of crystal seemed to view about Alice, Alastair, and Annabelle at Barton Town, relaxing at the square.

"So...the relic of N's is at the east...which Durem?" Tundra muttered, looking at the map.
"But, hey, Tundra. You got any rings to protect yourself?" Maikuru asked, fixing his Slash ring. Stammering badly, the latter showed his fingers, where there's a single Guns Guns Guns ring at his left index finger and a Sugar Rush ring at the right index, causing the other two to fall in disbelief.
"WHAT?! YOU LOST YOUR POWERS, AND EVEN YOUR RINGS?!" Maikuru hollered, causing Neur to laugh nervously, patting the whimpering Tundra.
"No need to worry. I guess we had to start training him at the Village Greens. He's a newcomer, anyways." Neur suggested.
"Y-yeah. I got this ring from a jumping box at the station before I saw Leon being chased by a group of OMGs. But before I could shoot them, they suddenly chased me like wild dogs, so I quickly fled to Barton while being attacked..." Tundra mumbled.
"I guess he had a terrible aggro with that explanation...OMGs usually attack their victims and never left them, but you 'kited' them off..." Maikuru frowned.
"He had Chuck Norris's aggro..." Neur and Maikuru muttered at once, causing Tundra to make a sour face.
"Oh well, let's go to the Greens and let's see if you can try to get some rings there. Leon over there gives rings sometimes if you help him, kyu." Neurmal explained.
"Okay then, let's go. But be careful, stick together with us." Maikuru warned, causing the three to huddle and marched towards north. After few minutes walking, they reached the southern gate of Village Greens, before...
"HUWAAAAAAAAAAH!!" Tundra yelped as soon a red lawn mower flew past his head.
"Lawnsharks!!" Maikuru blurted, before the trio lowered their CLs to 1.7. "Good timing!" he added, pulling his greatsword (which is his Slash sword).
"Tundra, you keep attacking the Lawnsharks with the Guns, we'll cripple it down so you can kill it!" Neur instructed, before the two buffed the team with Keen Aye, Divinity and Healing Halo.
"O-okay!" Tundra stuttered, before fixing his ring. All of the sudden, the lawn mower glared right at Tundra, giving the evil eye.
"I got a bad feeling about this..." Maikuru frowned, before he heard tin clangs. "Lawn Gnomes and Flamingos too?!"
"No need to worry! We got this!" Neurmal spoke, before throwing Water Balloon at the Gnomes. The two fended the foes till they were pushed to the gate.
"Okay...that's it." Maikuru frowned, before taking a deep breath, unleashing RR4 Taunt. "HEY!! F*************K YOU!!" he screamed, before two hands appeared, being censored by something. This caused all the Animateds nearby them to go in rage, assaulting Maikuru instead which just activated his Turtle.
"Now!! Full Rage Attack!!" Neurmal ordered, before both Tundra and Neur unleashed RR4 Guns and Water Balloon, annihilating all the annis, except for one.

"Mother of faggots! This guy's a tough one!" Maikuru snapped, seeing the Lawnshark still there.
"Our attacks missed it!" Neurmal gasped. Suddenly the Lawnshark swiveled, and eyed Tundra.
"He's going to shave me!!" Tundra yelped. As soon the Lawnshark leapt, it was hit by Maikuru's Shark Attack that caught it from below, defeating it.
"Finally..." the trio knelt on the floor, panting heavily. Suddenly Tundra perked up, causing all of them to turn left.
"I FORGOT THE ONES AT THE SOUTH GOT HIGHER CLS COMPARED TO THE NORTHERN ONES!!" Maikuru yelped, as the three zoomed past the small windmill, up the hills, past the flamingo guards until they stopped nearby Leon at the station gates at northwest.
"Eh-you okay there?" Leon wide eyedly asked, looking at the three lying on the grass, busted up. Maikuru later brushed himself from flamingo feathers, before sitting up.
"You...have any tasks...for this guy here?" he gasped, lifting the half-dazed Tundra that had his hood fallen, causing Leon to gasp.
"T-T-T-THAT GUY!? HE'S THE MASTERMIND OF GAIA'S DESTRUCTION TWO YEARS AGO AND HE CAME BACK?!" Leon yelled, pointing at Tundra. After minutes explaining...
"So...he's just being possessed at that he's starting from scratch eh. Well I do have some tasks, I think it fits you. Anyways thank you for kiting that OMGs days ago, it let me to escape away." Leon muttered, fixing his helmet. "You can try defeating five Flamingos and Gnomes nearby. I'll see if you're worthy for the next task." he added, nodding.
"Well these tasks are just easy for you Tundra. We'll be waiting at the sandpits if you need us." Neurmal spoke, before the two left.
"Okay then..." Tundra stuttered, before walking northwards.
"Is it okay to leave him alone?" Maikuru asked, after they reached the sandpits that were dominated by Sand Fluffs.
"Don't worry much. It's just the citizens I'm worried about. Seeing Leon's reaction, I'm not sure how the Barton people gonna react with him instead. Could be worse." Neur muttered, unleashing Dervish at the aggressive fluffs. "Besides, I bet this place can barely wound him, you can see that." he added, pointing upwards, where there's a tab listing the three's status, health and stamina. Tundra's stamina sometimes lowered down, before it rose up again, but his health points are still full.
"Alright then..." Maikuru muttered. All of the sudden he noticed Tundra's health were lowered drastically, and in the map at his GPA, he was away from dangerous Anni spawning maps before all of the sudden the strayed red dot moved south, causing him to gasp in bewilderment.
"Something's happened to him!!" he yelled, causing Neurmal's eyes to shift from red to white with yellow sclera.

"GET HIM!!" A random Gaian yelled, leading a mob of Gaian players. Tundra was running as fast as he could from the mobs, dodging the bullets and arrows.
"Kill him before he could plan another invasion!!" another one yelled. All of the sudden Tundra tripped at the ledge, causing him to fall into a group of Lawn Gnomes and Flamingos, startling the Annis.
"KILL HIM!!!" the Gaians leapt right at him, before-
"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" A loud roar echoed at their backs, throwing the Gaians away with a wave of cold breath. Some of the Animateds started to shiver in cold, causing Tundra to hug them, warming them up. Later the ground shook, revealing Neurmal in White Kyurem form.
"W-White Kyurem?!" One of them gasped. Neurmal was glaring at them, with his extensions at his shoulder was connected to his turbine tail, causing the place to radiate with intense heat and sheer cold.
"What makes you attack that innocent guy?! He didn't even attacked you!" he bellowed, baring his fangs.
"He's the one who almost killed us two years ago-"One of the Gaians stuttered, before Neurmal snapped.
"SILENCE!!" he let out another wave of sheer cold, freezing the surroundings. The Animateds and Tundra hugged each other tighter, shuddering.
"I'm currently in charge of watching him, so you people had no options to hurt him! Now LEAVE!!" he roared, causing all the Gaians to flee away using Fleet Foot. After they were far enough, the Kyurem exploded in flames, revealing Neurmal as a Gaian again.
"You okay Tundra?" Maikuru asked, checking at him. He was covered with frostbites, and his wounds at his body had froze.He's breathing out cold wisps of air from his mouth while stuttering, and his eyes even looks soul-less, deep rose colored with no sheen. The Animateds whimpered around him, snuggling tighter.
"Sir-you froze him down!!" Maikuru yelled, frowning. Later the two gathered firewoods before Maikuru's pet Flam lighted up the firewood, creating a bonfire, which slowly caused the hugging group to start shuddering and circled the fireplace.
"I forgot his weakness is ice." Neurmal grunted, scratching his head. The two looked where Tundra was curling with the Flamingoes, still shuddering.
"He looks in a terribly sorry state. I suggest him to move somewhere else other than in Barton where he's currently living now." Maikuru moaned, patting the shuddering ghoul.
"I'll move with him too so I can check up on him. Let him decide where to live." Neurmal nodded. Later, when Tundra had recovered, the two led him to his house, letting him rest.
"It's best if we move now. And what do you know. He already packed everything up." Maikuru blurted, seeing the neatly stacked boxes.
"Alright. Let's move out. Don't wake up the rest of the neighbors." Neurmal spoke, lifting a box.
Mi4d 4 : Roles of the Seasons 3
Later, N explained about each of the old selves of Kagine's abilities, suggesting to unlock him first as starters. When Maikuru and Neurmal found out Kagine's ringset (which is only a GGGuns, a basic attack ring that you first obtained upon playing zOMG) and his unbelievably high aggro (which makes foes attack him in the instant), the trio decided to farm at Village Greens, an area for the starters to begin. It was found out he was not just being hated by the Animateds, even the Gaians which used to be his victims. Neurmal and Maikuru then decided to move his house away from the Barton residence to avoid more confrontations.

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A Tale Told

The next day, Starburst woke up early and set herself to the center of the Barton Town, where someone was awaiting.
"In the middle of dawn break, you really want me to wake up early?" she asked, groaning while rubbing her eyes. The person just answered with a squint before pointing at the back, where Star could see Tundra sitting on a bench, wide awake.
"He arrived here an hour ago. No use complaining." The person, Maikuru snorted. "Up to you if you want to know the truth about Kagine, or should I say Wintral Tundra Roxis." he added, making the said lad to perk up from his seat.
"Oh-you're here wonder I heard more heartbeats around here despite the vacant place..." he blurted, wide eyed, causing Star to bewilder.
"No need to worry. And I remind you once again Starburst. Tundra is no longer as he was 2 years ago. He's now totally changed for his own good, but of course, it has a price for doing so." Maikuru explained. "As you can hear from him, he can hear heartbeats from the living people in here. And he can even pinpoint them well enough since he can hear it around 50 meter radius." he added.
"Not just that. That's just a minor...I don't want to say the rest of it." Tundra shook his head, his ears drooped. "The rest is a nightmare..."
"Unless you can control it." Maikuru cut him down. "Now let's go before someone wakes up and sees you here." he added. So the trio started walking towards southeast, where his castle was located.
"Anyways, why and how does Neurmal know all about this? I was sure he never came out from that backyard of yours after this guy 'kicked the bucket'." Star asked, pointing her thumb at Tundra, which were scurrying along with a worried face.
"Geez. You really think he's a slacker? It was him giving the idea of starting the academy in the first place, you should know that as a founder, he always got his hands full. And he's also the one who invited Tundra here." Maikuru frowned, causing the two to perk up. "It was the Animateds who informed him about Tundra's location. You know it's migrating season for the Melchiors that lived at the northern area, right nearby Piget Campi."
"Hence you know about me..." Tundra muttered. Soon enough, the three could see jagged, hanging piece of land that formed a natural bridge towards a black, ominous castle that seemed about to fall, with a very thick fog around it that caused the castle to look blurry.
"Is THAT YOUR castle?" Tundra blurted, wide eyed. Maikuru only answered with three laughs, seeing his reaction.
"Funny thing you're living in here but you never seen this castle, man." he sniggered. Tundra blinked three times, a little jawdropped.
"Well, that's kinda true that I conquered almost every region in Gaia back then, but how come I never seen this?" he stuttered.
"This castle only visible to people when I'm around. When I'm not, it's hidden in a very dense fog, which only I can repel it away." Maikuru grinned. "This place is well known to migrating Animateds and Zodiacal Beasts that seeks for a place to stay when the season changes. And as you know, winter is coming so the place is getting a little colder." he added. When Tundra was looking around while the gang were walking on the hanging path, he could feel the earth crumble beneath his feet, causing him to squeak.
"Ah. Well the path's getting corroded bit by bit by the haze river, so it's pretty fragile, but you can still walk on it." Maikuru informed, looking at the smoke-like haze that was flowing underneath the path. Somehow below the haze was glowing bright, despite the eerie looking atmosphere on the surface. This caused Tun to shudder and scurried quickly behind them.

"We're home!!" Maikuru yelled, taking the attention of the Animateds scattered along the castle entrance. Upon seeing Tundra's face, all of them yelped.
"Ahh-the killer is here!! Why did you bring him here?!" One of the Grass Fluffs that was hiding behind some potted plants stuttered.
"Don't worry, he's no longer a threat. You guys just resume your activities." Maikuru informed, causing the hiding Animateds to slowly crawl out from their spot. The three kept on walking till they reached the main balcony, where a light blinded Star and Tundra.
"Here we are." Maikuru announced, before the two tried to look and gasped. Right in front of them, is a wide grassy plains shone by the morning sunlight, with Animateds and Mogas frolicking around the plains. All of the sudden they heard a shrill roar, before a white dragon with grey underparts, which is a White Kyurem flew from above them towards the fields, before blasted in flames and transformed back to a regular Kyurem before softly landing down.
"Well he's here. Now you can hear the tale right from Neurmal himself." Maikuru folded his arms, causing the two him to stare at him before leaning at the balcony.
"THAT ICE DRAGON is the one you're saying?" Tundra blurted, causing the said dragon to turn at the balcony, staring them from below.
"I've been waiting for your arrival. Come down." the Kyurem spoke, before a bridge made of ice suddenly appeared and connected the balcony to the plains below like a rainbow. So the trio walked down the ice arch and was greeted by the docile Animateds below.
"Welcome. I am White-Red Neurmal Kyurem, and I am the one that invited you to here, as Maikuru had told you." The Kyurem bowed, before the gang sat down. "So you wish to hear the tale of this young man too, Starburst?" he added, looking at Starburst.
"Well, of course! I kinda find it strange for you two to help a villain." Star frowned, causing Maikuru and Tundra to sigh while shaking their heads.
"I'll tell you my intention." Neurmal lifted his head, towering the Gaians. "I won't do something THIS reckless without a reason." he added.
"Okay, let's hear this grand plan of yours, Kyurem." Star shrugged, before the Animateds circled them as if he's going to tell a fairy tale.

"Here's all it begins. After that explosion 2 years ago that sealed Deadman's Shadow, which recently had been reopened to the public, Tundra was washed away to an unknown region, unconscious. Then, an old couple found him at a riverbank nearby their village, all mangled and forlorn. The two carried him with their cow cart, and nursed him back to health at their village, which is known as Piget Campi, or Plains of Regret. The plains somehow makes a person to review back their past crimes and such, causing them to be in a total regret. And while people are in their regret state, their powers are unused, and slowly diminished by time."
"But well, I don't mind losing my power since it kinda lifts me off from my burden." Tundra sighed.
"And that is where you are wrong, Tundra. You see, you know you're the sun deity right? And you're also the last representative of the Aquarius Humoga, which were annihilated during the chaotic times. Well I don't want to tell you why there's no more representatives living except you and Artic, which represents Libra." Neurmal lifted his left hand.
"I know...I'm the one killed them for their Zodiacal powers...and I got Artic's from her blood." Tundra bowed his head down.
"Exactly. Since you're the only two representative left, you need to maintain peace in the Gaian world with your powers, and also lead the Light of the Star each time it's your Zodiac month. You know what happens when the Light is not led." Neurmal muttered, but before the said lad can even speak, he cut him down fast.
"Yes. The Mogas born at that month will be weakened severely. And you notice the stars are getting to decrease these days. You need to appoint a new representative." The Kyurem squinted, causing Tundra to jolt.
"M-me? How?" he stuttered.
"When your zodiac month arrives, you'll be granted with a power to bestow the next representative of the zodiac. But that is of course when you had your Zodiacal powers back." Neurmal spoke.
" I can get them back?" Tundra asked, wide eyed. The Kyurem then looked around before standing up.
"Follow me." he muttered, before starting to trot to the middle of the plains, where a crystal clear lake with an observation platform could be seen. The lake somehow had 4 pools with 3 meter radius circling it, making it to look like an orbited planet. And a large mirror was somehow was placed at each f the four pools, facing each other.
"Somehow this reminds me of Rand Maine Orbital Isle..." Tundra muttered.
"There's a reason why this lake, and that isle shaped like this. You know it pretty well." Neurmal spoke, before all the four walked to the platform at the middle lake. Tundra then took a stare around again at the nearest pool before gasping. The mirror at the pool was reflecting his old self from 2 years ago, and it even was smirking at him.
"Shocked to see the old you, are you?" The reflection talked, giggling, causing Tundra to stun.
"The reflection talked!!" Star gasped out loud, before pointing at the reflection, who leered at her.

"You again. Though I managed to prank you out from the lid a little bit." The reflection spoke right at Starburst.
"W-who are you?" Starburst asked, wide eyed. The reflection let out an eerie, yet an unknown hinted laughter, mocking Starburst.
"Stupid as it sounds, but WHY should I tell you? The man beside you is me, and I am him. It's like telling a reflection to leave the mirror!" The reflection snorted. "You should try asking the others instead of me alone."
"Others? WUH-" Star leapt out in shock when she noticed another pool right beside her was reflecting something else at the mirrors, black as ever.
"D-Dark Tundra?!" she gasped. The reflection just let a blank stare, before pointing his thumb upwards. Soon enough, the rest of the gang could see all the four mirrors somehow was making a different reflection for Tundra, and one of them was Granadia himself, which suddenly yelped and fled from their sight.
"G-Granadia?" Star stuttered, staring at the mirror where the deity appeared. But nothing appeared, except her own reflection. Tundra, meanwhile, stared at the opposite lake, where a person with white coat and long green hair became his reflection, which somehow did not react like the others.
"W-who are you, if I may ask?" Tundra blurted. The reflection later tilted his red cap upwards, showing the face.
"I am N. The good side of the old you back then. But now since you had returned back to your old state and remembered everything, I am one with you." The reflection politely spoke. "Same with the others. All of them are used to be you. And they will still stay as you." he added.
"But well, among all 'you's here, N, why HIM appeared the most?" Star asked, sour facedly pointing the old Tundra's reflection.
"Easy. He was the last form being used before the current. And why among all others, we never appeared except him? It's because the current and the past one had one obvious similarity. Both of them are ghouls." N explained, folding his hands.
"G-Ghouls? You mean-" Tundra blurted.
"Yes. You can't eat anything else, except human products. Blood meat and all. You'll vomit if you tried to eat anything else." The old Tundra spoke, frowning. "That's why I have to kill at some parts, I'm trying to avoid starvation, which made me think why are you letting yourself starving for almost a week. You know the consequences..."
"I don't want to hurt people! And yet, I don't want to get starved...I tried to eat something else, but yeah, I can't even digest it well..." Tundra moaned, rubbing his stomach.
"Sooner or later, you have to, my other 'me'. And maybe getting a substitute will do good..." N muttered. The reflection of Dark Tundra kept quiet, staring at all of them blankly.
"By the way, why Granadia..." Star asked, before all three reflections shrugged in unison.

"He was embarrassed to found out what happen to him after he snapped out from Inari's control, and such bloodshed he did all thse days. As a deity, it was a very heavy crime to him. So he can't forgive himself, which I mean, us, and YOU." Old Tundra grunted, pointing at the real Tundra.
"Though I never did any." Dark Tundra monotonously spoke. "I only appear after you consumed an amount of blood, but yet the ghoulish characteristics isn't from me. I'm just a fallen deity."
"Me too, only you did." N sneered, causing the reflection of old Tundra to frown. "So far you're the one who's consuming the humans."
"Cut the crap!" The Kyurem above the three Gaians barked, causing the three reflections to jolt. Neurmal then let out a cough before looking at the four mirrors around them.
"There is a reason why all four of yous appeared as different reflection in these pools. First of all, Tundra himself had been exposed to a Reversal Mirror for a very long time, causing him to have split identities, and forming all of you here. And all the time he was resting at Piget Campi, the powers he had, the Zodiac, the Sun Deity, the Fallen and the Nephilim were all split to 4, and were stored in relics. The relics act as a key to unlock back the formes he once used. With the relics, he can transform back to either four of you and even use the abilities of the chosen formes." he explained.
"There is a way?" N blurted, a little surprised.
"But of course. Using the formes doesn't mean you guys can control him. It's all now on the current yous' will." the Kyurem added.
"But what does make us 'alive' then? Though we can only seen to be 'alive' as reflections..." the Old Tundra asked, folding his arms.
"Well you're forever sticking with him since," Neurmal then tugged Tundra's hood down, fully revealing the squealing lad's head. "He's already you, only dressing differently. For the rest, you guys are accessible to be seen via Reversal Mirror shards, which is the main material for the Crystal Mirrors which were reflecting you guys by now." he added. "Anyways, nobody knows where the relics are hidden, including myself."
"We neither." The reflections shrugged.
"Anyways. As you can see, all four of yous are here, except..." Neurmal stared at the blank pool. "And each of them had a different role that you must take."
" thing." The quiet Dark Tundra lifted his hand, causing all to turn at him. "Just the keys isn't enough to summon our formes...there are requirements to do so. Still I wasn't sure I know about it, and how you may know what requirement you needed, but of course you need the key." he muttered.
"Yeah, now I remember. We can't just let the current us use our formes freely. We need to test him too to see if he's worthy using our bodies." N nodded in agreement.
"But what thing you gonna test on him?" the Old Tun asked. While the three were discussing, Starburst slowly walked to the blank mirror where Granadia appeared before.

"Granadia..." she muttered, staring right at the mirror with sad eyes. "So you were Tundra all this time? So that's why you disappeared all this time? And our promise to clear SMEB together with Kuro and the gang?" she added, but the mirror didn't respond, causing her to clench her fists.
"You..." She turned to Tundra before grabbing his collar like before. "Why all of this happened to you? Why are you easily being controlled by Inari back then?! You're a deity!! You're my friend!!" she added, before starting to pound his chest while sobbing.
"I let my guard down...I never know that piece of stray bead eventually lead me to this..." The lad muttered lowly, while staring at the blank mirror. "And days and weeks being exposed to Kuro's old Reversal mirror causing me to have his old attitude."
"Hence I was created with such attitudes." Old Tun cut him. Starburst then suddenly shot out running away from them, leaving the trio.
"Oi-Starburst-wait!!" Maiku yelled, following her. Tundra and his reflections were wide eyed with the sudden event before they heard a squeak and turned back to the blank mirror, where Gran seemed was trying to stop her.
"..." Gran looked down, feeling really disappointed. "The promise...I still remember back then before I got possessed we promised to go to SMEB when Kuro comes back...but then...this...whole thing just-!!" He stuttered, covering his face before he started to cry.
"D'aww..." N moaned, scratching his head. "But there's nothing we can do ourselves..." he added, looking at the old and current Tundra looking at the ground. Later, Tundra started to walk where his old self was, startling the reflection.
"It's nobody's fault. It's not our fault. It's Drazero's fault. He's the one made all of us turn to this." He muttered.
"True..." All his reflections bowed. After a long time of silence, Neurmal let out a cough, startling the five.
"We need something to monitor his progress all this time...and also the requirements needed so he knows what to do to get your trusts." he spoke.
"Well, hey, new me." Old Tundra blurted, wide eyed. "You know the blue toy key-chain device that you obtained when you woke up at Piget?" he asked.
"Huh? This?" Tun asked, pulling a square key-chain that looks like a TV.
"Yes that! Good grief you still had it." the reflection sighed in relief. "That device actually monitors your status such as your health, mood, condition, and your activities like if you're asleep or playing. Try to open it." the reflection asked. So Tun looked around the device, trying to find the power button.
" won't get on." Tun mumbled, shaking the device. The reflection then frowned, before snapping his fingers while gasping.
"You need a trusted partner for it. You can't check it, but the partner that you choose will be able to see the contents." he explained, headscratching. "That's how Inari monitored us these days. I don't really know how this device connected with us though, but I know how does it worked because I saw him once. And that's also how I know when I need to consume blood so I won't be a binge eater."
"Trusted partner..." Tun muttered, looking at the gleaming key-chain.
Mi4d 4 : Roles of the Seasons 2
Starburst and Tundra took up Maikuru's challenge by waking up as early as they could at the next day. At Maikuru's Castle (or Tranquility Castle), a Kyurem named Red-White Neurmal Kyurem later explained everything that happened to Kagine all the time he took shelter at Piget Campi. Shocked seeing Granadia as one of Kagine Tundra's reflection, Starburst jumped into conclusion that their promise long ago which is doing SMEB together had long been broken.

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The Transfer Student

"Well, it's been like two years since that last incident of Drazero trying to take over the Game World again, but it's all thanks to an enigmatic yet brave soul who risked his own life to save the world. Now everything is at peace, and the Gaians decided they should make a training college where we can learn more about self defense and nature of the Animateds. It is a good choice doing so, and I hope the peace will last longer-" A mature young lady dressed in black was writing in her diary, before all of the sudden one of the people inside the room stood up in a jolt.
"TEACHER'S COMING!!" He wailed, causing all of the lounging people inside the room to scramble back to their seats. The lady, noticing the situation, closed her book in a snap before keeping it under her desk. Later, a formally dressed gentleman entered the room, before standing at the podium.
"Alright, class. Today we got a new member, so be friendly to him. He's a transfer student from an unchartered parts north of Gaia, so he's pretty bashful." The teacher announced. The lady, upon hearing it, starts to shift around.
"A transfer student this late? It's already near to the mid-terms!" one of them muttered, before the class started to get noisy about the 'new transfer student'.
"And since the teacher says it's a 'he', I wonder if he's cute!" Another girl swooning, causing the lady in black to frown.
"Tch..people..." she muttered, before scribbling something on her notebook. The class suddenly went silent, taking her attention to the door. A white gloved hand was there, holding the doorside.
"Come on in, no need to be shy." The teacher called, before the hand moved a bit, revealing a black hoodie with two white stripes at the sides, which were hiding the eyes, but the lady know the lad's hair color is blue due to the sideburns pointing out a little from the hood and having a pale yellow skin.
"...Why that hairstyle looks familiar-" she stunned, as the hood lifted up. The lad was wearing a pair of black glasses, and bright red eyes. And this lad started to stammer looking at the people's reactions in the class. "It can't be..."
"U-uhm.." The lad stuttered, his face showing a mix of embarrassment and anxiety. One of the students near the lady noticed her reaction, causing him to lift an eyebrow.
"Starburst, you know that guy?" he asked, before the lady named Starburst snapped off and shook her head bluntly.
"Nope, never seen that guy." Star spat, before she fixed her gaze back at the transfer student. The student later slowly walked to the teacher, bowing in each step. As soon he reached the professor, it was obvious he was pretty tall than the rest of the classmates.
"Everyone, his name is Kagine Tundra, or Wintral Tundra Roxis. He's from Piget Campi, at a secluded area at the north. He's a newcomer to the Barton Town just around this week due to he was invited by one of the lecturers here so you all should be nice to him." the teacher introduced, before Tundra bowed with a shy greeting.
"Something fishy is going on..." Star thought, before the teacher looked around.
"Tundra, you can sit beside Starburst there." he muttered, causing Star to jolt.
"But sir, the place is occupied already-" Star yelled, but was cut fast by the glaring elder man.
"Occupied by your bag, that is. Now move it aside and let the poor guy sit." the teacher snapped, causing Star to grumble.

When Tundra was walking to his seat, he was holding his bag tightly as if something dear was in there, and suddenly stopped right before he passed Starburst. Slowly, Tundra turned his head at her, and so does the latter.
"..." The two had a staring moment, before all of the sudden Tundra quivered like a beaten dog.
"What's with the stare? D-Did I done something wrong? Oh well, we meet again, after all these days..." he stuttered, before Starburst squinted.
"Well, you're staring at me like a hostile source, Tundra." Star sneered, her voice lowered as possible. "And yes we do meet again although I thought you already kicked the bucket-" she suddenly stopped as she noticed Tundra was gasping, and his eyes started to sparkling, with his hands clasped.
"*sob* Y-you really-think I'm a bad guy? You really wished me to die after all these days?" he stuttered, making a few hiccups, causing Star to jolt.
"Ah-I didn't mean to-YARGH!!" Star stammered, causing the people to look at her in slight anger.
"Star, you meanie! You said you don't know him but you two talked like you two DO know each other!" one of them yelled, causing the class to be noisy again. Star, in the chaos, pulled her hair in frustration.
"Okay, PEOPLE CALM YOUR ASSES!!" the teacher shouted, causing a total silence. "Now can we begin with Agrro Gathering Class?" he added.
"Yes, sir..." all of them muttered lowly. So the class started normally, while Star sometimes tried to peek at Tundra.
"Of all did he returned? I thought he died in that explosion! How did he survived? Or that explosion is just a hoax?" she thought, before noticing Tundra was diligently writing notes.
"I should keep an eye at him...I might can try asking the others to help me." she nodded a bit, before keeps on writing her notes. Later the bell rang, signalling lunchtime.
"LUNCHTIME!!" one of them shouted, before all of them ran out, leaving Star, Tundra and the teacher in class. Tundra, puzzled, stared at the mobs that got stuck at the door.
"Are they...always like this?" he asked, while his hood was shading his face.
"You'll get used to it." Star pouted, before pulling out her lunchbox. She later noticed something at her lunchbox's lid, which is shiny like a mirror. And it was reflecting herself, and something else that caused her to became wide eyed.
"What the-" she blurted, before slamming the lid on her desk. Her face was sweating a little bit, before she slowly turned to Tundra, who was resting himself on the chair while closing his eyes as if he's asleep.
"...Something fishy REALLY is going on here..." Star growled, before resumed eating.

"You what? You saw Tundra?! THE WINTRAL TUNDRA ROXIS?!" A lady with crimson hair gasped. Star currently was at her neighborhood, relaxing at one of her neighbor's house that looked like a restaurant.
"With my very own eyes I saw that sadistic, masochist deity knows what wolf back there! But he's just...strange. I think he's just pretending to be a moe by now-he's pretty sensitive when I started to talk about past stuffs." she grumbled, grabbing her teacup hard. "I thought he's already kicked the bucket!"
"Well maybe he's changed for good, who knows..." A girl with brown hair muttered. "He's used to be Granadia right? So he's originally good already!"
"I would-but-now I remember..." Star gasped, before picked up her lunchbox's lid. She peered at it, which was reflecting her frowning face.
"When I was looking at this lid, it's reflecting my face and...his. I don't know how to say, but I think I just saw his reflection GLARED at me like the usual he does!" she added. "And not to mention, I saw in the reflection that he's wearing a different outfit from the one I saw in real!"
"Are you saying the lid reflects something else from him?" A guy having a maroon hair like the first one asked.
"Yeah, in the reflection, I saw him dressing like how he does 2 years ago, but in real flesh, he's wearing something else!" she grumbled.
" that him?" The guy suddenly gasped, before all four of them perked and turned back. Tundra was there, still with the hood covering his head, looking around.
"He looks totally different-wait, he had no angelic wings and that long blue tail!" the maroon girl muttered. The four watched as Tundra walked east, before stopping at a house that was familiar to them.
"Granadia's old house!" Star gasped. Tundra later dug into his college uniform's pockets, before started to look at the other pockets.
"Oh where did I left that key?" he stammered, before shaking his slingbag, and something fell out from it, which looked like a square keychain before picking up his keys nearby it.
"...So he lived there eh. I want you three to watch him when I'm gone somewhere, and if he's around, if you guys can..." Star muttered lowly, before the other three nodded. As Tundra entered the house, he never went out from the house till midnight.
"We never managed to talk to him so I guess we can talk to him tomorrow right?" The maroon haired lady lifted her hand. They're currently inside the cafe-ish house, peering at the back window.
"Well yeah, Alice. I guess I wanna try to talk to him like our usual neighbor Granadia." Alice's twin, which is named Alastair nodded.
"Me too, I think I'll give him something for being a new neighbor." The brown haired lady chuckled.
"Ah Anna, sweet as always. But come to think of it. He's not emitting any hostilities, and look-" Alastair pointed at the room, where they can see Tundra lifting boxes around.
"Is he cleaning the house?" Alice frowned, before yawning. "And it's near midnight!" As she said that, they could see Tundra was changing his clothes, and noticed something at his back.
"...Is that...gashes? Where his white wings used to be?" Star leered, before noticing Tundra was sighing heavily. After he wore his pajama, he suddenly dropped as if he fainted, before the house went dark.
"Seeing him sleeping makes me sleepy too..." Alice yawned, before they decided to hit the sack. In the darkness lit by the moonlight, Tun was blinking, his back facing the window. After his ears twitched few times, he slowly sets himself to sleep.

The next day...
"Hey, Tundra's not here yet." One of the classmates blurted. Star was relaxingly posing herself on her chair, reading some battle tips before they heard a thumping sound, followed with a yelp and a crash. Star, upon hearing that, lost her balance and fell down.
"Ouch..." she moaned, before slowly standing up. Amidst the mess of laughing classmates, she could seen Tundra lifting himself, and his forehead was swelling red due to his hood was pulled down, showing the blue wolf ears that was kept hidden all the time.
"Bad luck already for a transfer student! I wonder how long you can even hold on here!" one of them mocked. Tundra was rubbing his head painfully, and tears could be seen dripping from his tightly shut eyes.
"Crybaby's crying!!" Another one mocked, before Star took control by marching at them and closed their mouths.
"Now if you excuse me, can you all keep quiet so I can concentrate?" she growled, before tugging Tundra's hand to his seat.
"Sheesh, you're not like the usual guy I know Tundra. Had you changed a lot?" she frowned, looking at the latter which were moaning lowly.
"You if you really know me whole-fully...who are you to judge?" he asked, before wearing back his hood. Star, upon hearing this, jolted and stood up.
"HEY." She suddenly snapped, grabbing Tundra's collar. "YOU ARE A WANTED MAN. DESPITE YOU SAVED US FROM THE INVASION 9 MONTHS AGO, YOU'RE STILL EVIL AND I CAN SEE THAT EVIL GLINT IN YOUR EYES." she snarled. Tundra suddenly frowned, before attempting to release himself from Star's grab.
"I don't know what are you-talking about!" He grunted. Hearing the commotion caused all of the classmates to surround them.
"Starburst, now you're picking up on him!" A male student frowned. The two sides later stared at each other, before Star released him.
"There there, it's only the second day and you're acting all bossy on him." A modest girl muttered, causing Star to stare at them in anger.
"YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM!!" She shouted, before sitting on her chair in a slam and covered her face with her arms on the table. "IF YOU GUYS AREN'T THIS DENSE AND IGNORANT, YOU GUYS WILL KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM!!" she added while hiding her face.
"It is true." Tundra's voice echoed. causing Star to turn her head at him. "I know I had done lots of things back then, but I came back not for causing any trouble. And I was sure you know I was under control of Inari, and he's gone right? So what makes you think I'm still doing evil deeds while the real antagonist's dead?" he asked, looking at her.
"Because..." she muttered, before showing him the lid like she was about to paste his face at it. At first he was bewildered, before he yelped loudly and ducked down as if something was about to strike him from the lid.
"PUT THAT THING OFF!!!" He shouted, before curling on the floor in fear. "DON'T POINT ANY MIRRORS AT ME!! PUT IT AWAY, PLEASE!!" he added, before he started to wail. Due to that, Star hurriedly kept her lid in her backpack before stammering.
"I'm asking you. What was that in the lid? Your reflection right? Your OLD SADIST reflection." She asked, before the gang started to ran off after seeing the homeroom teacher went in.
"Meet me at the fields after this Tundra. If you don't come, I'll tell everything I know..." she added, snarling, causing Tundra to look at his table.

Later, after class, as promised, the two were at the field, facing each other, and were spectated by some of their classmates.
"What do you want from me, Starburst! I have nothing else to do with you!" Tundra asked, having a stern look.
"You think that you didn't. But what you had done from long ago was unforgivable. Worse, although you're released from Inari's grasps, the possessed you is still lingering inside, hence the reflection, am I right?" Star folded her hands, frowning. Tundra at first jolted, before letting out a grunt.
"You don't know what I had been suffering order to control my lust of blood due to my possessed don't even know!!" Tundra shouted, his eyes wet with tears. "I had lost everything, but yet, that...THAT CREATURE is still inside me!!" he added, holding his chest.
"What are you talking about?" Star asked, frowning. Her right hand was hiding her Mantis katana at her back, incase something gets wrong.
"I lost my powers." he spoke, looking on the grass. "I'm no longer as powerful as I used to be. I'm not a deity, nor a Zodiac, nor a vampire...just...nothing." He added, shaking his head. "It's the only way I can keep my sadism at bay...I lost all of my powers while resting at the Plains of Regret, Piget Campi, in exchange of my suppressant." he explained.
"And what's that to do with you then? You only lost your looks, and powers? I don't think you can lose them so easily. You're a deity, losing your powers due to nothing is kinda absurd." Star stared right at Tundra's eyes.
"Will this explains?" Tundra muttered, before showing her a paper with a smiley mark on it. "Von uses this to determine the inner power of a deity or anything with powers. And look." he added, before pasting the paper on his forehead, making him look like a Chinese ghoul. After few minutes, nothing changed.
"...So you're really neutral eh?" Star muttered after that, showing her Mantis. "I guess now's the time to get rid of you once and for all since you have nothing!" she added, smirking. This caused Tundra to yelp out loud, before Star charged at him. Tundra shut his eyes in fear, before he heard a metal clashing, and opened his eyes wide before startling. A Gaian wearing a butler outfit with a pair of white Freya wings and a creamish white cape was blocking Maeri's katana with his black flame-like greatsword.
"M-Maikuru!" Star gasped, before jumping backwards. Maikuru then swung his sword a few times before placing it at his back.
"What he says is true. He's now power-less." The butler explained. "Tundra spoke the truth. And that reflection you saw reflects his old sadist side, which will be never be removed." he added.
"H-how'd you know about that? And who are you?" Tundra gasped, stammering. Maikuru then turned his head at him, looking at the latter's face with his left eye.
"We had met once back in the Real World of Angelianna. No more descriptions much, but Neurmal had told me everything. He had foresighted this." Maikuru muttered. "If you two are ready to listen to the tale, come to my castle. I'll be waiting." he added, before spreading his Freya wings and swooped off in an instant, causing the two to be stunned. Tun later regained his control before standing up, patting his bottom.
"It depends on you...the one you see in real life, or the one you see in the mirror you want to trust..." he muttered lowly, before heading away from the field, leaving the petrified Starburst.
"Even Maikuru's at his side...should I head to the castle? But if he said Neurmal's been foreseeing this...the two might know about Tundra's case." she thought, before also leaving the field.
Mi4d 4 : Roles of the Seasons 1
After two years, the Gaia Online Dimension is back in peace, with improvements are set to defend themselves from another conquest. Starburst Colors EoM, studying in the Gaia Online Volunteer Academy (GOVA), was surprised to see her old friend, Tundra to be transferred to her class, which she thought had been killed in the explosion of Deadman's Shadow. After few misunderstandings happened, Maikuru, one of the lecturers in the academy and also Starburst's friend explained everything what had happened exactly to Kagine Tundra/Wintral Tundra Roxis, and asked them to come to his castle.

Next : Mi4d 4 : Roles of the Seasons 2
Okay so here we go walking around. Let's see...
So far so good, mhm..
Lovely day, isn't it?
I'm so happy that I gonna bounce~!
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Time to move on.
So this is how being a Slakoth feels.
So lazy, I think i got infected.
Time to reach the skies with my Acrobatics!
Now I'm a ceiling climber!

To be continued...N's journal 2!

Sprites are taken from a Shimeji pack of N in my journal.
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