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The Lost Gal

"Urgh..." Roxis groaned, before finding herself on a bed in a wooden room. Waves and wind could be clearly heard echoing in the room, and the smell of the sea is strong.
"Hey-she woke up!!" A voice could be heard shouting, before she turned to see a person in an odd costume with a pirate hat was pointing at her. This person, also oddly, seemed to be shorter than average, and looks slightly chibified teenager, later walked at her.
"How did you end up into the sea huh?" He asked with a very bewildered tone, while sitting on the bed.
"Huh-sea?" Roxis blurted with a very bewildered face, before noticing she was not wearing her usual head cover, causing her to snag the blanket and covered her head, and saw few more people approaching into the room.
"We saw you fell from the sky right into the sea when we were heading back." A teenager with messy hair spoke, having his face seemed to be clawed at the cheeks, wearing a black vest and green army pants grunted, raising an eyebrow. Behind him is a cat-eared blonde, wearing a brown thick sweater with black banded yellow scarf and black trousers, and another person with large yellow top hat, wearing full black hoodie jacket and green pants, and this caused Roxis to be stunned.
"Ruvi-Veastz-Lance?!!" She shouted, before pointing at the trio, and this caused them to be startled too.
"Wait, how did she knew our names?" Lance asked, head tilting, before Ruvi gasped.
"Wait!" She blurted, before her avi was switched with a wooden board, having 'AFK' written on it. After a moment of silence, the two males before suddenly placed their right hands on their ears, and a symbol as if a volume adjustor was on their heads, causing Roxis to be startled with a sweat.
"You hacked Roxis's account, did you?! She's not there!!" Both of them screamed before pointing at her, causing the poor gal to yelp.
"No!! It's me, Roxis!! I got sucked into the game!!" She flailed.
"LIES!!" Both of them answered back with a mad shout, before Roxis grunted.
"Few weeks ago all of us were walking before a dog chased Veastz and tore off his pants, showing a pink dog boxers." She immediately spat, causing Lance to roll on the floor laughing while Veastz turned beet red.
"Ruvi also said there's no trace of Roxis leaving the house - her shoes is still inside the house and her mom said she didn't see her go out." Lance added, after receiving another message from Ruvi.
"So-this is-" Veastz stuttered, before looking at Roxis. "How the heck did you get into DDTank?!" Ruvi, Lance and Veastz blurted in unison.

After Roxis tried to explain everything in ten minutes....
"Weird. I never see such ads." Lance muttered, rubbing his chin.
"Neither do us." Ruvi and Veastz added, head tilting.
"Then how I gonna go home?! I don't know what to do!!" Roxis bawled, holding the blanket on her head and wailed.
"Neither do us." Ruvi, Lance and Veastz spoke in unison with a sweatdrop.
"Maybe you need to do something or tasks like that zOMG game in Gaia Online..." Ruvi muttered, looking up.
"Yeah...maybe." Roxis groaned. Soon enough, the boat they rode reached to the Mainland, before all of them moved out of Boatyard.
"Urgh, I'm getting tired, I might go take a rest." Veastz yawned, before poofed into a plank saying "OFF".
"Yeah, me too." Lance added, before also poofed into a plank.
"Alright, I have to go too, mom's calling, nya. See you!" Ruvi yapped, before poofed right after Rox said "Alright...". Roxis then decided to look around before noticing a gold ornament on her right wrist.
"Huh? What's this? I never seen this before..." She muttered, looking at it, before decided to ignore it. "But how I gonna survive in here...I need somewhere to rest down..." she added, before walking into the crowds. Without her knowing, the gold bangle glowed, summoning someone far yonder using a paper plane.

As Roxis was resting below the docks with the cloth used to cover her head acted as the mat, she suddenly heard a loud shout from the seas, causing her to open her eyes slightly.
"Help!!" the shout turned more clearer, before she took her glasses out to see what's wrong, and gasped.
"Gulu pirates!!" Forgetting the head cover, she would scramble up to the docks and saw a group of Tankers passing through.
"Hey-let me borrow that!" Roxis blurted, before grabbing the cannon-shaped weapon off from a female Tanker that yelped, before she turned to the pirate boats. As soon she turned with the cannon aimed at the boats, an interface appeared, showing a force bar and angle adjustor.
"Right, angle 65..." she muttered, tilting the cannon slightly upwards until the angle adjustor was set to the said angle. "And force 90..." she added, before pulling the trigger, causing the bar to raise up to the said number and yanked it, causing the cannon to spat out some bombs towards the boat, but it wasn't strong enough.
"Ah-what level is this Explosive?!" She shouted at the Tanker.
"Only 5!" the Tanker yelped, causing Roxis to be sour faced.
"May I help?" a male voice appeared, causing Roxis to turn at the voice. A ponytailed blond male wearing a black coat and blue fur collar, having an upgraded Explosive tied at his back was there, before he turned at the boat and did the same thing like how Roxis did before shooting.
"Lock-on." He said, before shooting two spiked cannon bullets and one missile, which eventually destroyed the boats from a nuclear explosion.
"Done and done." the blonde spoke again, before patting his hands and fixed his glasses, while Roxis stared at the sinking boats with a little jawdrop.
"Hey-can you come here for a minute?" the blonde suddenly tugged Roxis somewhere. "Eh!"
Mi4D Novelified : Reversal Mirror (Female) Ch.2
Second chapter (and the real first chapter) of Reversal Mirror.

After the Prologue, ALL the chapters has 3 pages of Logbook-comic, so I am trying my best basing them from that exact 3 pages.

After being absorbed into the monitor, Roxis finds herself in DDTank, riding on a boat that was heading back to the Mainland where her friends were also on the same boat. From the confusion, they could not find anything suspicious, so they decided to let it off for a while. Whilst Roxis was resting, she saw a pirate attack and tried to fight it, until someone came to help. This person also took Roxis away somewhere, causing the lass to be puzzled.


It was like late evening. The school bell rang, before people could be seen leaving the large school vicinity. Among these people, some in different outfits could be seen blending in, and this includes one person with female Muslim attire, and was wearing glasses.
"Oy Rox!!" A shout could be heard, and this took the attention of the gal, causing her to turn. A tall male, which seemed older than her and was wearing the same specific attire was coming at her with large fast pace, while waving at her with a cheeky grin at the former. "You free today? Let's go play DDTank today?" He asked, before raising a hand.
"Oh Senior Veastz! Sure!" She replied, before them both high fived, and decided to walk home together.
"I gonna need help with Gulu Difficult, can you help with me today?" He asked, headscratching in embarrassment.
"Sure." Rox answered, before thinking for a little. "I think if we can just invite Lance and Ruvi, that would be easier." she added.
"Yeah that's a good idea, we can do altogether." Veastz nodded in agreement. At home...

"Huh?" In a middle of her game, a random popup appeared on her screen, causing her to stare at it. "Want to feel yourself in the game? This is your one lifetime chance! Just touch the screen to accept!" she read, before humming.
"Ah it's going to be a fraud." She said so whilst her right hand touched the screen, before she ended up getting herself sucked into the monitor. As soon the monitor closed on it's own, without the trace of Rox's body, somehow a photo of her and a family member of hers glowed beside the monitor, and sparkled.
Mi4D Novelified : Reversal Mirror (Female) Ch.1
The beginning of Mi4D Reversal Mirror.

Yes it's short. I am basically used the comic before converting it to a novel. And the prologue in the comic is just one page so no comment. :shrug:

And yes it's a female Muslim teenager. I am basically basing it from myself.

26 deviations
Got tagged by :iconmaeriryuagu17: So here it is..

Zodiac Meme:

[X] You love adventure.
[ ] You are very energetic.
[X] Confident and enthusiastic.
[ ] You're sharp and quick minded.
[ ] Passionate.
[ ] You can be self-centered at times.
[X] You are quick tempered.
[X] Impulsive.
[X] Procrastinator.
[X] You take unnecessary risks.
Total: 6

[ ] Reliable.
[ ] You have lots of patience.
[ ] You are very determined.
[ ] Your mind is very secured.
[ ] It's easy for you to become jealous.
[X] You can be resentful.
[X] You can become greedy at times.
[X] You are rigid.
[ ] You want to go in the business industry.
[ ] You are extremely faithful.
Total: 3

[ ] You are very versatile.
[X] You like changes.
[ ] You are talkative.
[ ] You seem to be very quick-witted.
[X] You're pretty smart.
[X] You would consider yourself to be polite.
[ ] Energetic.
[X] You are very inconsistent.
[X] Prone to nervousness.
[X] Cunning.
Total: 6

[ ] You are very loving.
[X] Emotional.
[X] Very sensitive.
[ ] You're very nurturing.
[ ] You have an active imagination.
[X] It's not hard for you to be sympathetic.
[X] Very indecisive.
[X] Clingy.
[X] Over-emotional.
[X] You are very moody.
Total: 7

[X] You are generous.
[X] Warmhearted.
[X] You believe you're pretty creative.
[X] You tend to be bossy at times.
[X] Very outgoing.
[ ] You make sure you are 100% faithful.
[X] You are intolerant.
[X] You interfere a lot.
[X] You are a loving person.
[X] Open minded.
Total: 9

[X] You are very modest.
[X] You have the tendency to be shy.
[ ] Reliable.
[ ] You are practical.
[ ] Intelligent.
[X] You are very fussy.
[X] You tend to worry.
[X] You can be overcritical at times.
[ ] Perfectionist.
[X] You are conservative.
Total: 6

[ ] Romantic and charming.
[X] You are very easygoing and sociable.
[ ] You're an idealist.
[ ] Very caring.
[X] You get told that you are talented.
[X] You enjoy change.
[ ] You are flirtatious.
[X] You have a short temper.
[X] Daydreaming is one of your hobbies.
[X] Gullible.
Total: 6

[X] You are determined.
[X] Emotional.
[ ] You are powerful and passionate.
[ ] You are easily liked.
[ ] Patient.
[X] You are loyal.
[X] Generous.
[X] You become jealous easily.
[X] You tend to be secretive.
[ ] You have strong sexual desires.
Total: 6

[X] You are optimistic.
[X] You love your freedom.
[ ] You are very honest.
[X] Adventurous.
[X] You are careless.
[X] Tendency to be irresponsible.
[X] You become depressed easily.
[X] You are restless.
[X] You take those around you for granted.
[X] You care about the environment.
Total: 9

[X] You are very cautious.
[X] Reserved.
[ ] Very ambitious.
[X] You stay cool under pressure.
[X] Others say you are funny.
[X] You are pessimistic.
[X] You don't show your sensitivity to others.
[X] You are sometimes selfish.
[X] Hold onto grudges.
[ ] You have great patience.
Total: 8    

[X] You are friendly.
[X] Humanitarian.
[X] You are lively.
[X] Honest and loyal.
[X] You crave to be different.
[X] You are independent.
[X] Unpredictable.
[X] You are chaotic.
[X] Rebellious.
[X] You tend to be unemotional.
Total: 10

[X] You are imaginative.
[X] You are very sensitive.
[X] You are emotionally weak.
[X] Artistic.
[ ] You are idealistic.
[X] You tend to be careless.
[X] You are easily confused.
[ ] You are sometimes immoral.
[X] Receptive to new thinking.
[X] Impractical.
Total: 8

In the end? -shrugs- I might be too varied,
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The Bargain

"Okay, we're here now..." A blue haired lad muttered on his contactor, watching at a small tower in the midst of the snowing field. With the lad, which was Mike, Lance, Iuri, Rexiel, Spear, Fenrir and Annabelle huddled close together due to the cold.
"I had no idea why they forced you to join the group, Lance, despite they KNEW we're going into a cold place, and it's..." Mike grumbled, looking at the tower which was awfully lot familiar for him. "Thirteen years escaped from that tower, and here we are, welcome home."
"Without me, you're not breaking in secretly. You should ask THEM." Lance grumbled, pointing at Iuri who was covering his body with his cape, looking like a vampire, and Rexiel who seemed to be unaffected by the cold despite his Spartan Outfit which only covered half of his body and his boots which covered to the knees. Annabelle was wrapped by Rexiel's raving red cape, causing her to shudder a bit. Both Spear and Fenrir were wearing a thick sweater, making them look like Eskimos. "Roxis will be coming up soon, after he finishes up his training with the current brush skills he said." he added, shuddering.
" can't feel cold?" Spear blurted, wearing his hoodie.
"Nope. I can cope to any environments quickly." Rex muttered, half squinting. "We better hurry and check what are these guys up to." he added, before they heard a loud roar echoing from the tower.
"Isn't that..." Anna stood up slowly, recognizing the roar. "It's that experimental dragon's roar! It's in pain!" she squeaked.
"Well, let's hurry and save it, and bust up these gang's plans!" Mike stood up, grabbing his Slayer Sword.

"Damn you!" Lock screamed, kicking the chained up, weak experimental dragon. "What made you stopped to attack them?! Was that girl so special to you until you're not listening to my orders?!" she ranted, whipping the poor dragon off.
"Milady..." A pale person wearing a scientist coat stammered and ran at her, trying to calm Lock down. "It's not the dragon's fault! We already tested for like ten times and it never disobeyed you! Something must've been happened at it because one of them Mand Rayners that you're speaking of..." he added, patting the dragon's snout, which let a tired, pitiful purr.
"Now you mention it. I want to know what's so special about that girl. I should make a quick analysis about that Annabelle girl...and where that dratted traitor had gone." Lock muttered, before walking outside. The scientist later let out a long sigh of relief, before wiping his forehead. Fangs could be seen glistening under his lips. He later turned to the dragon, which was looking at him.
"Good thing she stopped...I don't want to lose another close friend since Slyvia had fled off, and so do Spanner, which I believed to be Fenrir?" The lad tilted his head, before the dragon answered with a low, happy growl.
"There there now, Lithium. I also hoped you to be free like the other dragons, but with these people around, if they see you escape, you'll be killed..." he moaned, patting the dragon's snout, before a screw fell on his head, causing him to look up. Lance was there, holding the air vent grill.
"Shoot-we're spotted!" Lance blurted, before the pale scientist just stared at him, before looking around. "What's he doing?" he added, looking at the man's antics. The scientist later made a signal to tell them to come down. The first person who jumped down was Fenrir, right on top of the scientist.
"Hey there, Marcus!" Fenrir giggled, messing the scientist's hair. And this scientist also seemed to be super happy, as he rolled around and playfully biting Fenrir's head.
"Spanner!! What are you doing here?!" Marcus gasped, looking at him. Fenrir later called the others to come down after he confirmed the coast was clear.
"We're doing spy works. Don't tell them." Fenrir made a thumbs-up.
"Of course! Madame Slyvia said to trust every Mand Rayners!" Marcus saluted, before looking down. "Speaking of Madame, she's gone missing after the Sports Day." he added, shrugging.
"Uh, Unk, who's that?" Spear asked, pointing at Marcus.
"Oh-him? He's my main partner in the labs. And he's also..." He head-scratched a bit, before laughing nervously. "One of the Seven Guards of Azeral. But do not worry, he's an ally." he added with a wink. "He's the one telling me about the activities of the DVs."

"Pleasure to meet you, Young Rayners." Marcus bowed, and occasionally let his coat opened, revealing a crimson-red inner part of the shirt. He also looked like a dandy person, having his short, cream hair combed to the left, and his accents seemed to be awfully foreign to them. "My name is Marcus, as he told you. I am the Vampire Lord, one of the Original Guards of Azeral. But I had gone astray and trying to seek the knowledge in science in order to rescue a friend, which I think might not be able to be seen anymore..." he muttered, looking down.
"So you're saying you had turned to the good side?" Mike asked, folding his arms. He also keeping an eye towards Annabelle, who was trying to soothe the poor dragon. "And who's this friend of yours?" he added, tilting his head.
"Slyvester. The Scarecrow..." Marcus moaned, but more like weeping, causing Fenrir to pat him pitifully.
"Scarecrow? Isn't that-" Mike and Lance turned at each other, gasping. "Theorelius?!"
"Shh-someone's coming!" Anna gasped, looking towards the door. The gang had a trouble hiding due to the vast place, before all of the sudden a long sticky extension wrapped them and took off. When Lock came in, Marcus pretended as if he's doing nothing, before started to groan.
"Now what is it, Marcus? You know you can't have me pamper you like how that traitor does." Lock sneered, looking at the analysis papers.
"I just need something to drink..." he grumbled, before grabbing a glass of fruit juice. And in the middle of drinking, he heard a loud, manly sneeze, causing him to squirt his juice out in shock.
"Who was that?" Lock looked around, aware of the sneeze. Marcus also pretended to look around, while he continued to drink the juice. Suddenly he heard a loud gasp, causing him to turn. In Lock's hands, was Mike's Gatsby which was dropped suddenly.
"How come this hat belonged to Maykel fell here?" Lock tilted her head, before sniffing it. "His scent is still fresh..."
"Maybe it was stuck at Lithium all the time, well due to the rampage, you know." Marcus shrugged, patting at the wounds where Mike used to strike at the dragon before.
"I'm going back. Don't dare doing something fishy, or you'll end up in the torture." Lock suddenly shifted mood, as she walked away, hugging the hat tight with the papers.

When Lithium noticed Lock had walked far enough, it slowly made some movements with it's throat before opening it's mouth, revealing the gangs inside it, before they rolled out in a complete sticky mess.
"Eww!! Dragon slobber!!" Spear groaned, wiping his face.
"Now you know how does it felt being eaten alive by a dragon." Rex spat, fixing himself.
"Ohhh fudges! Where's my Gatsby?!" Mike gasped, noticing his bare head.
"Lock took it." Marcus pointed outside. "Seemed to be an awfully important item for her." he added.
"But thanks for saving us, Lithium. Nick of time, though. And who the hell just sneezed before?" Mike asked with a high tone at the end, before all of them pointed at Iuri.
"W-what? It's freakingly sneeze-inducing inside!" Iuri grumbled.
"Uh, I can help you telling where Lock kept all the secret documents here, but I have a request." Marcus lowered his head. "Can you bring Lithium to your Sanctuary so he can have his last moments peacefully with other dragons? His lifespan isn't that long due to his failed state." he asked, before kneeling as if to beg.
"I would ask the same too." Annabelle nodded, looking at the dragon which was looking at them with soft blinking eyes.
"Okay, first we need to send this dragon back, but it's going to take time, unless we can draw a hole-" Mike's words cut off fast before a big, black shadow fell on his head.
"ROXIS?!" they gasped, lifting the dazed Roxis from Mike. "How did you got in here alone?!"
"Theo helped me to track you." Rox gasped, patting his head, before noticing the dragon behind him, after he got licked harshly.
"Well-now we can start the side-track quest mission! Roxis, we gonna send this Lithium to the Sanctuary." Fenrir blurted, before explaining to Roxis the current case.  The latter then nodded, signalling he understood the situation, before they heard a loud flap from the air vent.
"Theo-there you are!" Rox gasped, letting the Scarecrow to perch on him. Seeing Theo, Marcus gasped wide.
"S-Slyvester?! Is that you?!" Marcus stammered, walking towards Roxis. Theo, seeing the stranger, hissed loud while expanding his neck frills, causing Marcus to jolt.

"Who's Slyvester?" Roxis asked, before Marcus looked down.
"Slyvester, I believed, is the original Scarecrow." Fenrir folded his arms. "He was this guy's best friend."
"No way..they said the new Slyvester will still remember who I am, but they lied...Slyvester had forgotten me..." Marcus muttered lowly. Roxis the looked at Theo, who also looked at him.
"C-mon Theo, don't you have a hint about him?" Rox asked, tilting his head.
"Hint-no no!" Theo shook his head, before Marcus gasped, and ran towards a desk full of chemicals, before he ran back towards Roxis with a greasy liquid.
"Me and my silliness! Now I remember I hadn't complete the operation before they let the Scarecrow loose! Here!" Marcus gave Roxis the liquid, which he looked awkwardly.
"You should have Sly-I mean Theo drink that. You'll see miracles." Marcus giggled. So Theo chugged it until it depleted, before he started to fix his neck.
" okay now, Theo?" Rox asked, looking at the odd Scarecrow.
"I can talk normally now! Whoa!" Theo suddenly blurted, causing Roxis to jump.
"Now he's not speaking toddler!" Lance laughed.
"Anyways the portal's ready!" Mike shouted at the back, holding Roxis's brush. He later handed the brush to the owner.
"Okay, time to send you to treatment, Lith! Anna, you go with him, I bet he'll be better with you." Rox suggested, before Anna sat on the dragon's head, and a bright light flashed, making the two disappear. And not just that-it also attracted the Vanquishers close by.

"MAND RAYNERS!! WE'RE BEEN BREACHED!!" one of them shouted. Once again, the gang scrambled around, trying to hide while the light was still blinding the people outside. Mike took cover behind a pillar of pipes, before he heard people rushing in and squinted his eyes tight, praying he won't be caught. Soon enough he heard few shrieks, before it subsided. He later peeked out, only to find out he had been left alone, safely.
"The gang got captured!!" He gasped, looking around before he heard a shuffling noise beside him. A large cardboard box suddenly moved and lifted, revealing Iuri inside.
"What the-how can you-" Mike lost his words, before Iuri just shrugged.
"Anyways we better get the gangs back, QUICK AND ASAP!!" Mike grunted, before tracking a thread of silk lying on the floor. "Musta been Wattson's threads." he mumbled.
"Umm should we clean ourselves first?" Iuri echoed at his back, before Mike turned at him. It seemed he was somehow being covered in an adhesive, sticky and thick brownish liquid, and it seemed he had a hard time moving.
"The dragon slobber musta dried up on you." Mike blurted, wide eyed. Iuri then spotted a trolley beside him before rolling on it.
"Well, I guess it's Cleaning Time." Iuri mumbled, before paddling with his non-sticky arms to move towards the toilet behind them. Mike, also noticed the saliva at him started to harden off, also rushed inside. After enough cleaning and removing the goo, the two sets off following the threads by hiding under boxes like Iuri did before, by going to corners and duck inside when people are coming. They also managed to hear some of the conversations of the patrolling Vanquishers.
"Heard the Pure Lightning's host and some other Rayners are captured. I heard there's supposed to be like 7 people in there when the camera caught them running, but we only got four of them. The fifth one was captured by Lock herself." One of them muttered, while guarding a door with another partner of his.
"And Spanner is with them too. Why he turned against us? Does he know what was he doing?" Another one mumbled, fixing his ray gun. Mike and Iuri, apparently right on a trolley where they arranged themselves neatly with other stack of boxes listened intently.
"I wonder who were transferred away-could be Lance or Roxis!" Mike chortled, knocking Iuri's box slowly.
"Well, let's see if we can find a way in-there, see that vent?" Iuri whispered, looking at a vent grill at a path behind them. So the two slowly shuffled down before getting near the grill and went in. When they heard some nagging, they immediately stopped and peeked at the nearest grill.

"I know there's someone breaching, since I found my beloved's hat." Lock growled, looking at the four prisoners. She was having Mike's hat on her head, and her face showed pure hatred. The prisoners, which is Lance, Rexiel, Spear and Fenrir only looked down, not facing them.
"Where are you taking Roxis?!" Theo, inside a glass jar bawled, trying to escape. Mike and Iuri looked at each other, before continuing to peek.
"I'm conducting an experiment at him. How come a weak, asthmatic person like him can unleash such power of darkness like his twin." Lock muttered darkly. "And this time, the power he emitted is the equal to Wrath's Abyss Blast, which rumored to be able to destroy a whole continent with a single ball bomb. While that cat girl emits Pure Dark Dragon's, Lord Azeral's power..." she added. "And since you're here, Lance Nebreja, why won't I start the same experiment on you too so I can control your powers to take over the world and get my hands on Maykel?" she added with a sinister laugh, causing Lance to whimper.
"We gotta do something at them!" Mike growled, clenching his fist.
"Hey, I heard they said you're a representative of Brave right?" Iuri asked, looking at him.
"Why? Not a good time for that." Mike asked, bewildered.
"Not a good time? I wanna see if you're brave enough to do this." Iuri suddenly let an eerie, mischievous smile curled on his lips, causing Mike to be puzzled.
"Lock only listens to you, right? So I wonder if you can do this dare. Just to see if you're the fabled Blue Blade of the East as they mentioned." Iuri smirked, looking at the people.
"Bring the host to the extraction room, and the others to the dungeon!" Lock ordered, before the grunts started to take them, causing them to squeal.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!!" a shout echoed at their backs, before they turned. It was Mike, alone, and his face seemed to be very serious.
"M-Mike?!" The gang gasped, and Lock, startled to see him alone and unarmed, only blinked. Mike then stomped front before stopping right in front of Lock.
"I'll make a deal. Here's how it is-you let the gangs out, I'll stay with you for a week. Is that okay with you?" Mike asked, folding his arms.
"W-WHAT?! MIKE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!" Lance ranted, releasing electric sparks due to his hat were taken off.
"I know what I'm doing!" Mike ranted back, stomping. He later stared at Lock, waiting for an answer. "No tricks, and I'm not lying. See?" He added, throwing his whip towards the gang. "No tricks on my sleeve-see-I can even go naked!" He also started to remove his armors, before only leaving him in his black top and trousers , and spread his arms wide.
"Is this some sort of a surrendering tactic?" Lock asked, almost confused.
"I'll do whatever it takes to save my friends, Lockheart." Mike leered at the group which were still strangling his partners. "Now put them down!" he added, pointing. Almost at once, the grunts let them off, as if they were completely taking orders from Mike.
"Huh? They took his orders?" Lance gasped, looking at the grunts which were backing off from them.
"And tell me what are you trying to do at Roxis." Mike asked, now turning at Lock. Lock, looked around while stammering, suddenly jolted as Mike grabbed her hands and stared at her eyes that got the same color as Mike's own eyes.
"Energy tolerance test! That's all! I just want to know how that little black sheep had such power!" Lock yelped, pretty surprised.
"Is it just me or Mike's totally different?" Fenrir blurted, wide eyed. "He's used to be scared to Lock."
"Now you mention it." Spear blurted. The gangs later had their chains taken off, before Iuri walked inside, surrounded by more grunts.
"Now let them escape. I'm a man of my words." Mike snorted, folding his arms. Lock, unable to decide, waved her hands.
"Let them go now." she muttered. So the gang were led outside, accompanied by few grunts, Mike and Lock themselves.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Rexiel asked, looking at the grunts which seemed to be awfully dumbstruck.
"It's just a week, right? No biggie!" Mike giggled, before his face turned super sour. "All because of the dumb dare of Iuri's..." he added, growling.
"A dare?" The gang echoed, looking at Iuri who seemed to pretend to not to know anything.
"You keep your words, man! Wait till I get back!" Mike snarled, before tugging the shocked Lock with him inside.
"Well, let's just hope he's doing fine till he can safely take out Roxis, too." Lance shrugged, before all of them were transferred using the Vanquisher's carrier plane.
Dragon Savers- Uprising Episode 9
The Mand Rayners decided to take on a mission to spy one of Dragon Vanquisher's outposts, which happens to be the tower in which the hosts Mike and Lance receive their Pure Dragons thirteen years ago, and as well as to save the experimental Dragon as Annabelle wished. In the tower, they met one of the Guards of Azeral, Marcus, the Vampire Master, a very good fellow of the former Scarecrow, and is a good-hearted Guard. However, they got traced by the Vanqs and got captured. To save the Rayners from Lock's trap, Maykel decided to stay with her- in exchange for the release of the Rayners.

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Devon: Rash GenesectGenesect by vergilsaigakuzai
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