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The Hunt for the Hat

The next day...
"Gosh, we planned to do only four quests but we ended up doing TEN." Star yawned, stretching herself.
"You sure are having fun times with someone you used to hate, Star." Alice mumbled, stirring her tea cup.
"I hate him because he's easily influenced by evil. But still he's my friend." Star sneered, eating her loaf of bread. "And I forgot there's ANOTHER requirement that I missed. I thought there's two left, but there's three. I need to make him meet Roxis and Shiroaka."
"Uh. That may be a bad idea." A voice appeared, causing them to turn, seeing a familiar figure.
"Kuro? What are you doing here?" Star stood up in a jolt, seeing the deity cyborg.
"Just came back from strolling around Barton. Artic's going to have her concert here so I need to check around." Kuro stammered, blushing red.
"Oh. Finally we can meet her!" Alice hummed.
"Speaking of Artic, you know where's Kagine-san's house is?" Kuro asked, headscratching. "I've been looking for his house."
"Ah. We don't know where did he moved after Star went to SMEB, alone." Alice sneered.
"That's like three days ago!" Star frowned. "Though I still regret it. Anyways, Kuro. What did you mean by a bad idea?" Star asked, tilting her head.
"Well, back in DDTank world...Tundra controlled Shiroaka and ended up killing Lance, Roxis's admirer." Kuro explained, causing the two to stun. "But Lance was reborn back as a full sized Zekrom, but he lost his human body."
"That explains why we saw that black dragon roamed with them. So that's Lance." Star frowned. "And...if Tundra had killed him using Shiroaka, that means-"
"Yes. Roxis is very furious. She won't even listen to excuses that Kagine now had got back his senses." Kuro sighed. "Me and Von went to DDTank dimension to tell her about it. but she ended up saying it's a load of bullshit." Kuro lifted an eyebrow.

"Wow. Her mindset is a lot more worse than me. But wait, aren't the two dating?" Starburst asked, lifting an eyebrow.
"They do but they can't get married, because first-Roxis is a male-based Avatar, and second-have you EVER seen a human marrying a 14 foot dragon?" Alice asked, wriggling her eyebrows.
"Well fudge no." both Star and Kuro blurted. "It would look weird."
"Says the one who's his real looks is a fifteen foot tall vampire flying fox." Alice squinted, making Kuro to leer in an annoyed way.
"At least I'm not as small as Kiro who's only thirteen feet tall when standing on hindlegs, and Shiroaka's...he's a total monstrosity!! AN ABOMINATION!!" he shouted. Soon enough, two sneezes from two different places could be heard.
"Okay cut the crap about that. So how we're supposed to make Kagine meet the two?" Star asked. "Because in here, supposedly he needs to meet them and talk at the same time."
"Roxis won't listen to us. Except..." Kuro squinted, before shuddering. "The six guards. But I'm not friendly to any of the six because I never been into DDT Dimension until the hibernation." he added.
"So who's among here that's friendly and always contacts the six..." Alice muttered, before they all hummed lowly.
"Wait a minute." Star perked, snapping her fingers. "Brokenbear may be able to help us. He helped me once during the Ring heart breakout and during the Leaf Kingdom riot, so I think we can trust him."
"You mean Princemike's friend?" Kuro blurted. "Well I think, among the six, I know who will she listens the most." he muttered.
"Which is..." the two lasses muttered, before Kuro's demonic headwings lifted up.
"Oh, she's calling, I better leave now. And Starburst, it's the person who she trusts the most." Kuro hinted, before he stood up and poofed in black crow downs and rotten leaves.
"The person who she trusts the" Star muttered, before looking at her tea cup.

"Calm yourself down Kagine." Neurmal frowned, looking at the ghoul hugging his legs on the floor. The two and the five Ring Hearts are currently inside Neurmal's house after Kagine lost his bag.
"How can I calm down? I lost my key, and Nodlomu!" He sobbed. The Sword Trios just shrugged, looking at his condition.
"Um-hey, guys?" Davion spoke, causing all of them to turn at him. "Is it just me or..." he muttered, looking around. The Ring Hearts also acted the same, before Kagine sat up.
"You can feel it, right?" Sarge muttered, before all of them except Neurmal nodded.
"N's presence." All of them chanted at once. But suddenly the presence disappeared, causing all of them to bewilder.
"Is it moving somewhere?" Kagine gasped, before all of them thrusted their heads at the windows. The only thing they could see was the people roaming around and bicycles, carrying assorted goods.
"Wait a second..." Haroro muttered lowly, before pointed like an attorney at one of the trishaws carrying goods. "A HAT SELLING TRISHAW!! THERE!!" he screamed, before all of them peered at the said trishaw.
"THERE!! I SEE THAT HAT!!" Sarge gasped, before all of them pulled themselves inside before running downstairs. But when they came down, the flock of busy people caused them to lose track.
"Argh! Too much people!" Meden yelped. Davion then looked around vigilantly before noticing the trishaw's roof that having a top hat sticking out.
"OVER THERE!!" he screamed, before all of them rushed to the said trishaw.
"WAIT!!" All of them screamed, before they were blocked by a bar.
"Ugh-what is this bar doing-" Haroro growled, trying to climb past the bar before Sarge tugged him right before a train passed right in front of their face.
"Ack-the trishaw's gone!!" Kagine squealed, before the bar lifted up.
"SPLIT UP!!" Davion ordered, before all of them splitted on their own ways.

At the same time, Zidane, Lukeran and Lila were taking a stroll around Durem before Lukeran caught the noise from afar, but denied it at first.
"Musta been people doing a mess as usual again." He muttered, rolling his eyes, before the three saw the trishaw carrying the hat items coming towards them.
"Ooh a hat trishaw!" Lila swooned before Zidane stopped the trishaw.
"Good morning, lady and gents! Have something that you got interested at?" the hawker asked, tipping his top hat's brim. "I got a nice collection of hats here!"
"It's quite a collection indeed." Zidane hummed, looking around, having Kagine's slingbag and Nodlomu with him. Lukeran looked at the other side, before a red cap with white front caught his attention.
"For some reason it looks familiar. Oh well, I like this one." he muttered, taking the cap. "How much is this hat?" he added.
"Ah, the fabled Wolf of Southtown! For you, my man, this hat seems to fit you well enough~" the hawker swiped the hat off from Lukeran's hands before the hat landed right on top of his head. "Perfect! Very fitting for a young man like you!"
"Well yeah it suits you bro!" Lila laughed. Suddenly the three turned to the right, where Sarge was flat on the ground and Kagine panting heavily beside him.
"Finally..." he gasped, before noticing the trio were looking at him, and saw the hat on Lukeran's head.
"Wait a minute..." Lukeran frowned, before circling around Kagine three times. "You're Wintral Tundra Roxis!" he gasped, before the latter only nodded a little before falling flat on the ground.
"He's busted bad." Zidane sweated, before the three and the hawker dragged him and Sarge to a bench nearby right when the others arrived.

"Commencing revival." Donovan swiped his hair backwards, before pulling out his defibrillator and zapped the two awake.
"GWAH!!" The two yelped, before gasping heavily. The two zombies then walked towards them, bewildered.
"You okay?" Lukeran asked, tilting his head.
"I was...chasing the trishaw here...just to get that hat on your head." Kagine stuttered, before the others looked at each other and broke into a loud laugh.
"What a chase, man! Here!" Lukeran removed the cap from his head before placing it on Kagine's hooded head. "Right where it should belong."
"Eh?" Kagine blurted, wide eyed, looking at the cap at his head. Sure enough, the cap was emitting N's presence, confirming it.
"By the way, Kagine." Zidane yapped, before handing him the knapsack he was carrying all around, where Nodlomu could be seen.
"Nodlomu!! Thanks Zidane!" Kagine yelped, before hugging the baby dinosaur.
"Ehh, don't sweat it. I was at the office when I saw your bag on the counter." Zidane hushed.
"Well, since FINALLY I had my key, want to go to my house and have some snacks? I can bake few cakes if you guys want to." Kagine invited, sniggering shyly.
"Got any smoothies?" Zidane and Lukeran blurted in unison, causing all of them to laugh again.
Nexus Astria RP : Senketsu Zero by vergilsaigakuzai
Nexus Astria RP : Senketsu Zero
Well I told :iconsolemnwandererzero: that I gonna make his RP chara separately, so why not, here it is. And the's just Zero in the RP, I just purposely added the 'Senketsu' as his first name. Damn Zweihander is just trying to ruin my fingers (I FARKING HATE STRAIGHT LINES!!!) but well, I took the challenge anyways. >.>"

Based the guy from this avi here SCREW THE AUTO THUMB!!, which is his Gaian Avi (not so long ago.)

Zero from :iconsolemnwandererzero:.
Nexus Astria :Kagine Tundra - Outline by vergilsaigakuzai
Nexus Astria :Kagine Tundra - Outline
While the color is a pain, I know, because of the large size + idk for the bg, it's just an outline in the meantime.

Kagine Tundra from me.
Nexus Astria RP : Lead the Ghoul by vergilsaigakuzai
Nexus Astria RP : Lead the Ghoul
After some RPing with :iconsolemnwandererzero: in Gaia Online, I made the art where I RPing with my character holding his hand with her tendril (aka Rinkaku), and he leads the way, which is an embarrasing moment for Kagine in the RP. He finds it cute, and well...-rolls eyes-

Zero from :iconsolemnwandererzero:
Kagine Tundra from me.


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