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Me and Pokemon : Blushing White
Another random signature picture, but this time it features N and his Reshiram, which tried to cheer things up.

Reshiram and N from Pokemon.
Me and Pokemon : Rhyme with the Devil
A rather lazy and quick animation consisting of not more than 25 frames. Sometimes I wonder if Roxis the Giratina there will gobble the Avatar there, he's just pondered.

Giratina and Umbreon from Pokemon.
Adibah Anisah/Kagine Tundra (my avatar).
The Liberation


"First day of my Project Starshine. I should accept this earlier, considering my state. But I guess I'm pretty much an oaf to not to do that. I accepted Lord Azrein's challenge as a mere human. Yes, a mere human. With an uncontrolled Ghoul inside me that I wasn't so sure if he would help me or not." Tundra wrote in his book. He was all clad in black with weapon straps at his back and his signet Aquarius anklet tied at his left foot. He was leaning at a large black rock, seemed to be hiding from something. He then peered, looking at the place. Unknown living beings that seemed to have no shape, no emotion and no mercy dwelled around the barren place which seemed to be covered in soot, making him shudder.
"So this is all the results of my doing long ago...never knew it creeped me out." he shuddered, before turning at a wooden, rotten by time plank with "You're now at the Pisces's Star of Harmony" written at it.
"Seems like Star of Discord for me." he grunted, before sneaking towards a large building. Inside, he made himself as careful as he could to not to surprise the denizens inside, so he took a detour to the left.
"More of them..." he thought before braking. In front of him, is a mass of black matter that seemed to move oddly.
"I should retr-!" he gasped before a clutter of black beings suddenly splated right at the path, moving eeriely at him.
"Crap!" Tundra blurted, before unsheating his Slasher. As soon the black matters sprang at him like flans, he quickly made a spinning attack, splattering the being at the walls. He keeps on doing it, until the black flan appeared, blocking the way.
"Wha-!" Tun yelped, backing off as soon the flan slammed a large gooey tentacle at his direction. All of the sudden he was splatted by the same black mass, which rained at him like one heavy goo rain.
"They got me!" he winced before noticing a glowing part on the top of the flans. Using his Slasher, he hooked with his left blade before tugging it out from the goo mass, and stabbed it. Almost at once, the flan melted.
"Weakspot!" he frowned, before doing the same at the other flans behind him. He keeps on doing it, and almost all the path he was in was covered with gooey flans.

"Mother of corrupted stars..." Tun gasped, taking a deep breath. He was somehow at an isolated area covered with soot, and he was well hid behind some old furniture.
"How much of those gooey bastards are around?!" He gasped again before he heard something glittering. He looked around, but there was nothing.
"I shouldn't dwell around..." he frowned before standing up. He then searched around the place for anything he could use before he heard a loud howl, causing him to ran outside. At a peak of a soot-covered rubble, a wolf-like being was there, howling around. And the black mass that he was fighting from before seemed to gather around him.
"I guess that's the boss..." he muttered, before silently closing the door. Dusting the floor, he then laid a map down, confirming his location.
"So now I'm at Pisces Pier...supposedly one of those relics is here...I wonder where." he muttered, before rolling it back.
"I searched around the place and the manor, but no luck...must be somehwere outside-!" he heard another glittering sound causing him to be alert. But again, there was nothing around the place.
"..." Since the day is getting dark out, he decided to camp in the abandoned manor. Little did he know he was being watched, nor little did he know that he totally has nowhere to escape.
"..." Tundra prodded the small bonfire he made, before leaning at the wall. He heaved a deep sigh, looking at the holed ceiling. He could clearly see blinking stars and the nearby stars, and some of them was awfully dark, as if they were dead.
"The good thing is if my body was taken to Zodiacia without using the Soul Transfer, I won't be slowed down by the Earth's time duration..." he muttered. "So one day here at least equals to one minute on Earth." he added, before prodding again. Suddenly soot dropped down in front of him, causing him to jump at once and put the bonfire out.
"..." He looked up, his dual weapons clenched tightly in a mantis pose, and his legs in the position to dash. Suddenly something crashed through the hole, and at the same time Tundra dashed at the shadow, causing the two to clash over. The two kept on clashing until they crashed out from the building, landing at the balcony.

"Never expected you to be back..." the shadow hissed, eyes glowing like hot coals. "After the corruption you did at this area, you still have the nerve to return?" it added. Because it was so dark, Tundra can't see the creature properly.
"I came back to liberate the stars. Funny despite it's being eons I haven't came back to Zodiacia and my appearence had changed, whoever you are, seems to know me." Tundra squinted, his blades fold at his back.
"Who won't? I can still smell your disgusting scent. And that annoying eye stare. No mistake that you're the same one that destroyed this once harmonious star to something this distorted..." the shadow added, before sprinted at Tundra. Using his hooked blade, Tundra hooked at a nearby pillar before pinning around, avoiding the attack and at the same time kicking it right at the head.
"I might can't see where are you, except your eyes that is. Which is tricky that I won't be sure where will your attacks come from." Tundra sneered. "And you really think I came back just to spread more chaos? You might gonna rethink that again-I have better things to do rather than doing massacres!"
"Hah, all bark! Almost everyone up here knows you're up to no good since you were created! Ain't trusting you anymore!" the shadow howled before Tundra heard some sort of a liquidish sounds resonating around him. Sonn enough he could see yellow dots crawling around him as if he's a prey.
"..." He looked around, knowing he's been surrounded. "Really now? Are you going to gangbang me with icky goos?" he added, frowning.
"Oh yes, we do!" the shadow smirked before the yellow dots sprang at him. Launching himself away by kicking the pillars for momentum, Tundra leapt off from the balcony before landed up with a roll on the sooty plains. He suddenly heard a fizz, causing him to throw off his coat and boots away.
"Acid?!" he thought, looking at the clothes which slowly fizzed to an unknown matter.
"You killed most of my brethen back then, now all of us are going to pay you back with something fizzy!" The coal-eyed shadow howled, before more of them spat out fizzy liquids at Tundra. Since the area he was at was being illuminated by the starlights, he immediately dodged the acidic goo, before taking his rifle and shot down few of the flans right at their weakspot.
"I'll get him!!" The coal-eyed shadow screeched before jumping at Tundra. As soon the starlights revealed the shadow, which is the wolf that he saw at the evening, once again the two clashed blades and claws at each other.

"Huh-" Tundra gasped before backing off. The wolf creature in front of him was staring at him, acid dripping from the claws.
"Surprised to see me now? You killed my master..." the wolf grinned, showing jagged rows of teeth. "You killed my friends too. Now all of us here is going to avenge you." he added.
"Streamswift...Pisces's companion waterhound." Tundra squinted. "Now you turn to something this hideous..."
"It's all thanks to you I finally find out my true potential!" Streamswift barked, before howling. Numerous dark Pisces Moga appeared from the ground, surrounding the Aquarius. "Now it's the finale!!"
Tundra's Journal Part 1
Being assigned to the 'Project Starshine' where Wintral Tundra Roxis, formerly the Aquarius representative, he went to Zodiacia as a human being, and started at Pisces's star. The corrupted star had gave him much trouble enough even by trying to look for the first relic. Streamswift, former Pisces's playing companion now appeared, desiring to avenge his master's death.
24 deviations
When Avatars Gone Mad 3 by vergilsaigakuzai
When Avatars Gone Mad 3
They'll go to a sleepover. :sleep:

Instead of being a total random absurdiness this happens. I find this awfully cute. :iconmetapalmplz:

From top left to bottom left : Junshin*, Granadia*, Tundra*, Natural*, Starburst (belongs to :iconmaerigreisu17: ), Neurmal, Maykel, Artic, Kagine*, Zero (belongs to :iconsolemnwandererzero: ), Alastair and Alice (both belongs to :iconmaerigreisu17: )

My ocs is marked with * in their names. The rest are friends.
Kagine and friends from Gaia Online and respective owners.


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