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After another day 'hibernating' from the internet. Welp, another 'monstrosity' I just made XD Featuring the Me In 4 Dimensions 4: Roles of the Seasons Kagine Tundra's four old selves and himself (two of them). At first I planned to make the BG transprent but after a few errors (including accidentally saving the individual pictures in 150xidkwatpx) I made them look like this instead.

From top left : N/Natural, Kagine Tundra (with his kagune unleashed), Granadia.
Bottom left: Junshin, Kagine Tundra (first appearance), Wintral Tundra Roxis.

Characters are from me, MI4D4 and Gaia Online.
The Sword on the Field

"So..." Kagine mumbled, looking at his letter. "I need to kill about twenty Gnomes, Flamingoes and Sand Fluffs. And I only got this." He added, looking at his Guns, Guns Guns ring.
"You mean only YOU do the kill or anyone in the team?" Starburst asked.
"Well it says here I'm the one who should to get it recorded." The former pouted.
"No biggie. You can kill them real easy now." Star sneered, before the two sets off to Village Greens. Over there, new Gaians and some other old veteran ones were roaming the field, doing almost everything, from hunting to picnicking.
"" Kagine stopped, before turning around as if he's sensing something. "What's this ramp-off-the-scale Ghi coming from?" he added, frowning.
"What? You can sense Ghi too?" Star blurted.
"Well...sort of. This Ghi somehow feels...familiar." he spoke, before turning to the right, where there are patches of goof turfs. One of the patches had a tall man dressed in blue and red, and having flaming red hair. He seemed to be doing some training with the Sand Fluffs that keep appearing at his spot while waving his golden sword like a baseball bat with his right hand.
"The Ghi came from him." he squinted, before once again, the same lad waved his long sword, creating a wave of greenish blue aura with cherry blossom trails that caused the Animateds around him to be thrown away. The lad later placed back his sword at his back, before looking around and stopped when noticing Kagine was looking at him.
"He's looking at you..." Star whispered, before Tundra nodded. The two locked sight for few minutes until two more people came running at the red-haired one.
"There you are Sarge! Next time tell us where the heck you're been!" The taller, aggresive looking one grunted, panting on his knees.
"You know this is my training spot all the time..." the former muttered, not turning at them. The third one, being the shortest, noticed Sarge wasn't looking at them and stared where the former was staring.
"Haroro..." the short one spoke, elbowing the panting one. "Look, over there." he added, pointing his lips at where Kagine and Starburst were standing.
"More flamehairs? Somehow reminds me of Lance from Pokemon." Starburst blurted. "But they do seem a lot."
"They're emitting Ghis too." Kagine tilted his head. "Like how Gran used to emit some weird Ghis from him. Could it be that they are-"
"Ring Hearts?" Starburst cut him down, before he nodded.

After few more minutes...
"Oy, how long you gonna keep on staring like turrets?" the one who got called Haroro shouted, causing the two sides to jump. Out of nowhere, Haroro appeared at Kagine's back, before locking his hands.
"WAIT-WHA?!" Kagine yelped, before Star blocked the former.
"Hey-what are you guys trying to do with my friend there?!" Star hollered, pulling her Mantis out.
"You know soon enough. Meden!" Haroro yelled, before Star yelped as soon the short guy suddenly leapt at her and also locked her hands.
"Sorry, we hadda do this!" Meden chuckled nervously, before the two dragged the Gaians to Sarge, which seemed to be in a deep thought.
"Alright, what do you want with us?!" Star barked, trying to struggle from Meden's grasp. 'This little kid is unbelieveably strong...' At the same time, Haroro was sitting on Kagine's back, fully locking the poor Gaian.
"You knew we were Ring Hearts in a glance. And...obviously." Sarge muttered monotonously. "You're my owner, Granadia." he added, causing all of them to became wide eyed.
"Y-you're Sarge von Cherryblade?!" Star gasped, before Meden behind her nodded.
"Meden Von Cherryblade here! And this is Haroro von Cherryblade. We're the Sword trios!" he added, grinning. "I'm the Mantis Ring! Haha is Hack and Sarge is Slash!" he continued before Haroro and Sarge casted a nasty glare at the poor Ring Heart.
"Look before you spit, Meden. If the Gaians heard about us, we'll be hunted too!" Haroro growled.
"Sorry, can't help it, you know..." Meden mumbled.
"Anyways, now you're here, my 'owner'..." Sarge muttered, before pointing his sword at Kagine's face. "I believe there's something you want from me? A secret perhaps? Or you wished me to join your forces?"
"Whoa whoa- what are you going to do, smart guy?" Haroro frowned, pushing the sword away with his own sword which had more distinctive violent marks. "You're not going to pawn our owner just like that, aren't you?" he added, causing Kagine to whimper below his legs.
"Why would I?" Sarge shrugged, before stabbing his golden sword on the grass. "I just want to know how does he knew we're the Ring Hearts. And HOW did you know my name, lil miss...yakuza?" Sarge sneered, looking at Starburst.

"Am I looking like a yakuza?" Starburst frowned, before Meden, Haroro and Kagine shrugged in unison.
"Mind his mouth, anyways. He call people's names if he never know who was it." Meden whispered, causing Star to nod.
"Alright, mister flaming hair, my name's Starburst Colors. And HOW did I know your name? Long ass story you don't want to hear about!" she snapped, before the three Ring Hearts looked at each other.
"Starburst...Colors?" the trio muttered, before all of them yelped, pointing their weapons at her.
"IT'S HER!!" Haroro yelped. The trio then suddenly ran into the forest, leaving the duo frozen.
"What a buncha weirdo Ring Hearts..." Star frowned. Kagine then noticed Sarge left his golden sword on the field, causing him to gasp.
"Sarge forgot his sword!" he yapped, before trying to pull the sword, but alas, the sword felt heavy to him.
"Mother of Slashes! This sword is REALLY HEAVY!!!" he grunted, but ended up panting on the grass.
"Is it?" Star blurted, before she also tried to lift it. Like Kagine, she frowned while trying to pull in any possible manner, but failed.
"Is it just me or this damn freaking sword is as heavy as that damn Giant Stone Coatl?" she grumbled.
"Wait. You actually tried to LIFT that snake?" Kagine blurted, wide eyed.
"Don't ask." Star sneered. "Now let's try liftng this sword together!" she added, before the two pulled at the same time, but fell with a bump.
"No good! It seemed to be stuck in there!" Kagine panted.
"Then how the hell Sarge just swiped the sword with one hand?" Star frowned, before the two were in a gaze.
"Like how Maikuru can handle his greatsowrd with his left hand..." the two thought, before they heard a rustle infront of them. It was Sarge, looking at them wide eyed.

"What are you two doing? You two looked as if you're doing 1000 pushups!" he blurted, looking at the two sprawled on the grass.
"1000 pushups? More like trying to lift a sword weighing a ton!!" Starburst snapped.
"Oh, whoops, I forgot about my sword cause I was just surprised to see you Starburst!" Sarge spluttered, before lifting the sword with his right hand with ease, causing the two to just stare at him.
"Anyways, Davion!!" he yelled, before a green, spike-haired lad with a long professor coat walked at them lazily from the same bush.
"What? Geez, give me a rest about this whole thing of confusion!" Davion sneered, before noticing the two sprawled Gaians. "Well well. Two new victims of your sword, Sargy?" he added, sneering.
"Just shut your trap and go do whatever the job you're supposed to do!" Sarge growled.
"First. Give me ten million Gold and I'll set off to work." Davion grinned. Sour faced with a sigh, Sarge dumped a sack of gold at Davion's hands, before the doctor giggled.
"Thank you~" Davion giggled, before putting out his clipboard. "Ticking here and there~" he added, before spinning around while ticking his clipboard. Each of the tick he made caused a wave of healing aura to appear from him, healing the two.
"That's one hellnuva troll of a Diagnose." Star frowned. "Unlike Dylan."
"Compared to Dylan, I know I'm a lot more weaker than him. But I got a reason why I asked for payments for healing, you know." Davion sneered, flicking his tuft of hair that grew like a corn plant sprout.
"I wonder for what." Sarge grumbled. So the two Gaians then stood up, before Davion took a long stare at Kagine.
"Isn't he's the-" Davion asked, turning at Sarge.
"Yep, he is. So no bullying at him." Sarge folded his arms.
"Okay, I get it. Sheesh. Lucky you're not letting Biance's doing this job or she's going to wrap you both like mummies." Davion stared right at Kagine's face with a dark hint, scaring the ghoul. All of the sudden, a green electric spark appeared out of nowhere, zapping the Diagnose.
"And that includes no scaring!" Sarge frowned, before seeing a look alike of Davion appeared from the bush with a defibrillator at his hands.
"Geez brother." the look alike spoke monotonously, before few more heads popped at his back.
"Let'za bring them into ze houze though. Not gonna letz them be outzide like hot wormz!" One of them yammered, scratching his head.

After passing the bush, the two Gaians reached a small cottage, surrounded by flowers of different colors.
"Welp, here we are. This is where the Ring Hearts of Natural lives." the calm-looking Hunter's Bow Ring Heart spoke.
"So...Slash, Hack, Mantis, Diagnose, Defib, Hunter's Bow, Bandage...who else lived here?" Kagine asked, looking around.
"Winona the Wish went looking for food. This guy here is Guro, the Taunt ring. The rest who lived around here is Marlon the Water Balloon, Deus the Divinity and Lucie the Halo. And oh, Vulcan, Grey, Ferum and Lunaire too. Guro lives alone, while the other four and Marlon lives at there." Sarge pointed at the two different houses behind them.
"Analyn the Diagnose USED to live with Guro but she just...poofed." Meden shrugged.
"Wait. Analyn? THE ANALYN ALIS? WHO'S DIAGNOSE?" Star frowned.
"Guro, who's your owner?" Donovan asked, before Guro closed his eyes and thought hard.
"It'z...ermm...M...M zumthing...but I know a friend of him callz him a 'nigga'." Guro yammered, before both Kagine and Starburst frowned.
"Ah! That'z him all right! All funky bulky and zeriouz looking butler!" he snapped his fingers.
"And Analyn as his Diagnose- that explains why I kept hearing scolds outta nowhere when I was nearby him." Starburst made a sour face.
"Beats me." Kagine laughed nervously. "So...who's Ring Hearts are they belonged to?" he added, pointing at a guy with a yellow spiked hair with pointy sideburns was peeking at them via the window.
"Oy, Deus! Who's your owner again?!" Haroro yelled.
"Me, Lucie and Marlon belongs to Neurmal! The four Demon Set belongs to uhh...I think he changed his name to Junshin!!" Deus yelled back with an energetic voice.
"Definitely Divinity." Star and Kagine made a nervous laugh. "So high in stamina..."

"Anyways." Sarge spoke, while all 8 Natural's Ring Hearts were at home with the two Gaians. "I guess there's a reason you came to meet me?" he asked Kagine.
"Well I was wandering along the place to finish my task here, that's all. And I just spotted you!" Kagine mumbled. Haroro, being very near to Starburst, shifted away with a low stammer.
"What's wrong with you? I got no ticks on me!" Star grunted, looking at the guy's antics.
"He's kinda...scared at girls." Meden laughed nervously.
"Ooh I see~" Starburst grinned, before Haroro made a scared face.
"No-NO DON'T YOU DARE!!" he yelped, before poofed in smokes. When the smoke dissipated, a Hack ring was on the floor, rattling.
"Sheesh. You scared him too much." Donovan spoke monotonously, before pulling his Defib and rubbed it. All of the sudden he let out a jolt of electricity at the ring, causing it to jump high with a loud yelp.
"STOP ZAPPING ME LIKE THAT!!" Haroro poofed back to his human form, before choking the professor. But before he could do anything, the latter already let out a jolt of electricity at his head, causing his hair to puff like an afro.
"And you should watch on who you're picking on, Haha~" Donovan grinned, patting his sleeves.
"Alright, well I guess that's all then. Sorry for dragging you here, Sir." Sarge bowed.
"Okay then, see you later guys!" Kagine stood up. But after Kagine left, Starburst tugged the Slash Ring Heart.
"Sarge, I got something to ask. Will you let Kagine to spar with you after this?" she asked in a whisper.
"Spar? Why?" Sarge asked, still in the same blank face.
"It's for a requirement." Star spoke, before the latter nodded.
"Alright then. I'll be waiting at the Goof when you're done." Sarge hummed, before the gang left the area.
"Oi, Kagine, we gonna come here after the task done? Well for a little training?" Star asked, looking at the ghoul shooting some Gnomes.
"Well..I think..sure, why not?" he shrugged. Star later made a Dervish, knocking the aggresive Sand Fluffs away.
"Hope that it'll work, Sarge." she muttered, looking at the said place.
Secrets of The Tamavice

"Uhh...huh?" Starburst moaned, before blinking. A dark bluish night sky with twinkling stars is what she saw at first, before she stood up. It seemed she was on a grassy field, and the place somehow was dark as if dusk just passed.
"Where am I? After that device suddenly sucked me into it-" she stopped as soon she turned to her left. A real-life sized Feathered Coatl that she saw in the device was flitting beside her, before tilting it's head.
"W-whoa-you sucked me in here?" She asked, pointing at the Coatl, but the stone puppet just shook it's head.
"You're currently inside my Tamavice." A voice echoed, causing her to turn forward. A dark silhouette appeared from a path of stars in front of her, revealing the old form of Tundra.
"Y-YOU?! WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING AT?!" Starburst screamed, pointing at him. "WHY DID YOU SUCKED ME IN HERE?!"
"Calm yourself down. I'm trying to explain why are you in here at the first place!" the latter snapped, but it eventually turned to bickerings. The hooded Coatl squeaked in disbelief before whacking the two with it's tail, stopping them in the instant.
"Whoa-whoa, stop it!" Tun yelped, evading the Coatl's tail whips. The Coatl then yapped, pointing at Starburst with it's wing.
", where am I now?" Starburst asked, rubbing her aching head. "And why me?"
"This place is known as the Forme Galaxy, where you can see the requirements needed to activate each forms of the current me." Tundra explained. "As you can see there..." he pointed upwards, where a group of stars shone brightly than the rest were situated. There's also few more stars that glowed the same as the former ones, but it's not grouped.
"I think this'll help you to know better." he added, pointing to the starry path he came from. "Follow me." So Starburst quietly followed Tundra with the strange Coatl flitting behind her. At first she was mesmerized being able to walk on the starry path while looking around the bluish black sky that was filled with small stars like sprinkles.
"Question, Tundra. Why did you appear here? Not to be offensive." she blurted, causing the lad in front of her to stop.
"To be honest. I'm not even sure myself of all places why I got assigned here. Probably it's because I'm associated with stars and constellations much, since I'm a Zodiac. The rest are assigned to other places." he explained without turning to her. "I'll be the tour guide in here to explain how does this system works." he added.
"Oh, okay..." she muttered. she then felt something was missing around her before noticing-four of her rings are gone, causing her to gasp. "Where are my rings?!" she squealed.
"No need to worry. Only you can pass through here, as the Tamer." The lad muttered while walking.

"Tamer? Wait...what, or who am I taming?" Star blurted, frowning before she got rammed by the flitting one-meter Coatl behind her tht let out a yelp.
"This device's owner. Kagine." Tundra stopped, before moving a little to the right. A pedastal was there, glittering with some sort of a keyboard was on it. "Here we are. The Observation Edge. Now you need to place your palm here." he added, pointing at a handprint on the keyboard. So Star slowly walked forward, before placing her palm on the said place. Suddenly a broad floating screen appeared, covering the bright lighting stars, and formed something.
"C-Constellations! And this-" she gasped, as soon the constellation at the center formed an image. It was Kagine's image. "This is his constellation?"
"Yes. And the others are around him, but isn't complete." Tundra explained, before Star noticed four more darkened image around the first clear constellation. A lot of stars were missing at the other constellations, except for one who had more stars than the rest.
"I'm pretty sure that's Natural." she muttered, seeing an incomplete constellation with less missing stars on the top left. "Well, the lines somehow formed like it's a pretty large...wing. No mistake." she muttered, before touching it. Suddenly the constellation was zoomed, revealing a better image of the silhouette. It was an image of a person with two different colored large wings with a red hat, and it's hugging it's knees. "Yep. Natural."
"Go turn the tab to the right. It'll explain his skills, abilities and his requirement to be activated." Tundra muttered. So Star looked at the keyboard before noticing something, and pulled out a game controller that's similar with a Playstation game controller.
"This one seems easier to control." she snickered, causing Tundra and the Coatl to laugh nervously. So she pressed the button as described by the hint before she stopped at the requirements.
"Hm..let's Kagine needs to do these things in order to unlock it?" she asked, before Tundra nodded.
"The ones completed will glow, and each complete requirement adds a star to the constellation. The avatar will be activated as soon all stars are obtained." he explained, headscratching. "And there's also something special will occur if you unlock them."
"By the way..." Star blurted, turning to the Coatl. "What's this strange Coatl doing here? It doesn't seem to be like the regular Coatls at the Otami Ruins. The patterns are different." she mumbled, looking at the Coatl which seemed to be scared.
"That's one of the 'special things' I said. An Animated representing the finished constellation will appear and it'll roam like how did you see that guy yapping at you at the device's screen." He giggled. "More you unlock us, you can have more Modifeds like him to be able to roam on the screen. But we won't tell what Modifieds will appear from the avatars, you kinda can guess from their personalities." He added, rolling his eyes. "There's more, but still, only some of the functions appeared in the meantime."
"Hmmm..." she nodded, before reading the descriptions and stopped at a requirement. "Who is this...Sarge? It said here he must spar with Sarge." she blurted.
"Sarge von Cherryblade. One of the Cherryblade trio, and the oldest among them! He's a Ring Heart like us!" A timid voice appeared, causing her to turn around and saw someone behind them, clad with his doctor's coat, and the signature Diagnose clipboard.
"Dylan!" Starburst gasped, looking at the Diagnose Ring Heart. "How did you-" she asked, before Dylan pointed at his back nervously, where she could see three familiar Ring Hearts were roaming around in confusion.
"We just suddenly turned to this after you got sucked in here, Star..." Dylan stuttered. "And I know Sarge. He's one of the veteran Heart Rings and was believed to be one of the strongest attack Rings due to his bond with his owner." he explained, checking his clipboard.
"Who's his owner?" She asked, turning at the requirement. Dylan then mumbled a little, before taking a deep breath.
"Your old friend. Granadia." he spoke, causing Starburst to turn wide eyed. "Sarge was Granadia's first ring. So he knows a lot more about him rather than Kuro." he added.

"Anyways, Starburst, you better jot down the requirements before you lose them." Tundra yapped, snapping her.
"Uh papers and pen please?" Starburst sneered before Dylan gave his clipboard. As she was writing, once again she stopped at another requirement.
"Meeting Granadia's old friends?" she stuttered. "Who else are his friends in here? So far he met me, the three As and Kuro, even Von and Kiro the only ones missing are-"
"Shiroaka and Roxis." Tundra spoke. "They didn't come at your birthday party. Happy birthday by the way." he added, wide eyed. Star just frowned a bit, before continued to jot.
"Thanks, anyways." she mumbled, before stopping and took the paper. "Okay so now how I gonna get out?" she asked, looking around.
"You can just choose the 'Exit' button by pressing 'Back' button again and again." Tun pouted. "Gonna leave now?"
"Well yeah, I need sleep, at least." Star frowned, before pressing the triangle button three times.
"Oh, ONE MORE THING!!" Tundra screamed, but noticing the rest are looking at him, he just grumbled. "I'll tell you something, later. It's important."
"Alright. See you." Starburst spoke, before pressing the triangle button, before all of the sudden her sight turned dark. When she woke up, she was still standing like before, and still holding the device as if nothing had happened.
"Whoa-feels like a dream or something..." she blurted, looking around. The device that she was holding suddenly beeped, showing the Coatl was sleeping at the screen.
"I wonder what happens if I shake it..." she muttered, before shaking it as hard as she could, causing the device to rattle. Few beeps also could be heard, before the beeping suddenly changed to three-toned beeps, showing the Coatl was engaging a battle.
"Oh well, this looks fun, at least." She giggled, before lying on her bed and start to play with it.

Around midnight, when Star was fast asleep, she rolled to the right before feeling a presence and opened her eyes. To her shock, it was Dark Tundra, sitting on a stool right infront of her, causing her to stun.
"Shh...don't tell anyone why I'm out here. It's Tundra's request." The fallen angel whispered lowly, looking around. "It's about the thing he was trying to tell you."
"Oh yeah. But why he asked you?" Star asked, sitting on the bed.
"As Tundra told you, each of us had been assigned for different tasks. I'm incharge of Kagine's old side's requests." He humbly explained. "Unlike Granadia who had limited time to go out from the Distortion World, I can freely wander in Gaia. I'll explain the whole stuff later." he muttered.
"Okay so what's the thing that sadist wanted to tell me?" Star asked, folding her arms.
"It's about Kagine. You need to be aware of his status at all times." Dark lifted a finger, wagging his tail slowly. "Never. EVER. Let him go into a hunger, because if THAT can't stop him till he's calmed down, no matter how much he feed on. He will be a binge eater-he'll eat MORE than he can, and kills MORE than he should." he spoke in a stern tone, causing Star to turn wide eyed.
"How can I know he's getting hungry or not?" Star asked, tilting her head to the right.
"He'll get tense. Sweaty. Cautious. Worried. And his ears will flick nonstop. Hunger will increase his ghoul instincts." Dark lifted his second finger. "By that time feeding him with human flesh is an absolute need. And Tundra also found out, you can feed him apples and tea too."
"Apples and tea?" Star blurted. "I think someone told me the same thing too...I forgot who. I think it's from a dream or something."
"Someone told you? Now that's a little shocking..." Dark muttered. "Anyways, you need to keep an eye out at his status via the Tamavice at the 'Status' menu. You cna feed him virtually via the 'Feed' menu, that one is the 'Constellation' menu where you'll be sent to where Tundra's guarding to check the requirements. The rest will be unlocked later when you had more of Kagine's selves unlocked." he added, pointing at the screen.
"Ah, wow, okay, thank you for the tip. And...uhh..what happens if I shake it?" Star asked, before she shook it again, creating beeps before the three toned beeps appeared.
"Uh...that's a bad idea." Dark laughed nervously. "The Modifieds will engage into a battle, which usually means Kagine is FACING an enemy in real life. Like now." he pointed, where the Coatl seemed to be agitated. In front of the Coatl is a small pixel of a flying Animated.
"Looks like a Clutch." Star blurted. But the Coatl seemed to be a little fatigued, due to it's uneven fluttering.

"The Coatl looks tired!" she gasped, before scrolling through the menu. But alas she can't find a healing item.
"Let it auto attack. Choose the instructions at the left." Dark instructed. As told by him, Star pressed few buttons before the Coatl suddenly acted on it's own, storming the Clutch before flying back and keep dodging the Clutch's tackles until the Clutch fell.
"You better apologize to him tomorrow. Poor lad will be bewildered where the heck the Clutch came from." Dark sneered, causing Starburst to sweat.
"Sorry Kagine!" she shouted at the device, before the Coatl just nodded shyly in front of her.
"Well I should go now, since I had sent the message." Dark stood up, patting his bottoms. "Anyways, from now on, you can address me as Junshin." he added, smiling at her.
"New name, huh?" Star lifted an eyebrow.
"I can't keep staying as someone's dark shadow, Starburst." Jun made a sad face. "I need a new life too..." he added, looking on the ground.
"Compared to Tundra, I can trust on you more than him." Starburst pouted, causing Jun to became wide eyed, before giggling.
"Yeesh, it's old story! You can't hate him forever, you even saw he's trying to change for his own good too." he added, closing his mouth to hold himself from laughing.
"Fine fine, people change, people change." Starburst squinted. Suddenly Jun's horns glowed bright.
"Okay, time's up, I REALLY need to go. If you had messages to be told to the Avatars, I'll be happy to lend a hand. Here, give me the device." he asked, before Starburst handed him the device. He later tapped his claw at the screen, before a ringtone played.
"There, I had installed a new function into the device. The 'Messenger' will directly summons me for me to send messages from you to the Avatars." he giggled.
"Okay then, thanks for the help Junshin!" Star bowed, but after she stood up, the fallen was nowhere to be seen.
"I never know this device is not just an odinary device..." Star mumbled, before jumping back to her bed.

The next day...
"Kagine-what happened to you?" One of their classmates asked. Tundra was having his right cheek bruised, left arm bandaged and cracked glasses, causing all of them to look at him bewilderedly.
"I-got attacked by Animateds when I was asleep..." he moaned, rubbing his cheek. Star, who apparently came late, saw the commotion in front of the room.
"...Whoops." she thought. She later went to the toilet instead heading to the class, and checked inside her bags for notes. She later saw a maple leaf inside her bag, which is still soft and silky.
"Weird. I don't remember passing through any maple trees, so how did this leaf got into my bag? Oh well." she mumbled, before pulling out the Tamavice and activated it. The Coatl by now was fluttering feebly, with the notification icon blinking.
"Guess he's getting hungry." she muttered, before feeding the Coatl with three pieces of pixelled meat, five apples and ten sundaes before stopped and went back to her class. Sure enough, Tundra seemed to be bloating in bewilderment.
"I was sure I didn't ate how come I'm pretty filled up?" He mumbled, before letting out a burp, causing Star to chortle.
"No idea." She snickered. Puzzled by Star's antics, he just shrugged and pulled out his Attack Guide book.
"By the way, I heard the Students Affair counter's been opened so you can go get some money there by doing the tasks given." Star informed. "Depending on your rank, they may even give you a better job to do."
"I see. I'll go check at lunch." Tundra nodded. "I might need some gang to help me doing tasks, for sure."
"Well, if we do it together? Since you're the same class as mine so it'll be helpul though. The Students Affair gives tasks depending on what class we've been registering, so we're more to battling rather than hoarding or treasure hunting." Star pouted.
"Just that? Bummer." Tundra frowned. "I'm no good in battling yet!"
"Oh that's the old rule Star." A classmate beside Star spoke, causing her to jump. "I heard from Prof Edmund now we can even go doing the other classes' tasks like synthesizing items, fetching lost items, and also the lastest tasks I just saw - Dungeon Exploring. That's if you can do five tasks that get S rank when you finish it." he added.
"Really? That's a good start!" Star beamed. "New quests to do!"
"Okay then, agree to meet at lunch!" Tundra yapped, before the two high fived. This caused the classmates to look at them in a weird manner.
"Guess the two made friends that quick." One of them whispered to his other friend.
Mi4D Role of the Seasons : Rainbow Shadow
IMMA GO HARAKIRI -flings myself on a slingshot and launches away-

This one gigantic bastard took me like half of my boring Tuesday day (but who cares? I got nothing to do at that time.) featuring ALL my Gaia Avatars from 2011 till now.

Sequence of the oldest to youngest Avatars :-

1. Granadia (the orange guy). The first avi I made ever since I joined Gaia and stayed like that till this year's January. His shadow is pretty polygonal shaped since he's representing Wind/Thunder, and orange for Autumn.

2. Wintral Tundra Roxis (the lad clad in blue below Granadia). Second avi made at March after my comeback. Having a soft blue shadow since he's representing Water/Ice, and Winter (obviously). Among ALL the six, this guy's pretty deadly to be drawn (dat cape. :iconexcaliburfaceplz: )

3. Junshin, previously named Dark Tundra (the horned lad at the right) Third, just after few days making Tundra (that damn cape of his is pretty pricy back then) after I got interested with the item named Bitter Sweets. The only pain about this guy is the horns and the six wings, other than his simple clothings. Having a double-layered green shadow that representing Summer, and Fire.

4. Natural/N (the red-cap wearing guy) . Fourth, formed RIGHT after I saw the item Gacha Genius (which contains N's hair.) But due to copyright stuffs and whatnot, I can't find any other exact item for him, so I just made my OWN N. Representing Spring with a more opaque pink shadow than Tundra's, and having Earth/Nature as his elements.

5. Kagine Tundra, old clothings (back facing the screen) Fifth, made around September. Dressed like a college student due to my irl status (as a college student). The hood is a little bother, until you get used to it. The shadow is white showing his innocence. (avoids taking risks, really.) The red dinosaur there is Nodlomu, where both Kagines had them as a companion.

6. Kagine Tundra , current (the standing one with an eyepatch) After being too obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul I ended up making my OWN ghoul. Made in this month. The reason his shadow is like that...well...not sure about that one yet. The funny thing that the shadow is staring at you with rainbow irises is pretty...(insertbishounenwordshere).

All from Gaia Online. Characters were my avatars.
Simple and Quick OMG (Gaia Online)
Can I kill myself now? Thank you. *suicides*

Honestly it's been like YEARS I haven't done much animation thingy (...well..I think the one BACK then is way better than this...) Anyways I'm just testing with my PS since I just 'discovered' the Timeline stuff. So why not. It's pretty repetitive cuz ..well..I'm just too lazy. XD

OMG from zOMG(Screw you Gaia Online)


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