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Multiple Torture Meme [GTNJKDADST] by vergilsaigakuzai Multiple Torture Meme [GTNJKDADST] :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 2 11 Gaia Online : Pokemon And Insignia by vergilsaigakuzai Gaia Online : Pokemon And Insignia :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 0 0 DOTA2 (Doodles of the Ancient 2) - Viper by vergilsaigakuzai DOTA2 (Doodles of the Ancient 2) - Viper :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 3 0 Skip N' Splash by vergilsaigakuzai Skip N' Splash :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 2 0
Mi4D Novelified : Reversal Mirror (Female) Ch.2
The Lost Gal
"Urgh..." Roxis groaned, before finding herself on a bed in a wooden room. Waves and wind could be clearly heard echoing in the room, and the smell of the sea is strong.
"Hey-she woke up!!" A voice could be heard shouting, before she turned to see a person in an odd costume with a pirate hat was pointing at her. This person, also oddly, seemed to be shorter than average, and looks slightly chibified teenager, later walked at her.
"How did you end up into the sea huh?" He asked with a very bewildered tone, while sitting on the bed.
"Huh-sea?" Roxis blurted with a very bewildered face, before noticing she was not wearing her usual head cover, causing her to snag the blanket and covered her head, and saw few more people approaching into the room.
"We saw you fell from the sky right into the sea when we were heading back." A teenager with messy hair spoke, having his face seemed to be clawed at the cheeks, wearing a black vest and green army pants grunted, raising an eyebrow.
:iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 0 1
Mi4D Novelified : Reversal Mirror (Female) Ch.1
It was like late evening. The school bell rang, before people could be seen leaving the large school vicinity. Among these people, some in different outfits could be seen blending in, and this includes one person with female Muslim attire, and was wearing glasses.
"Oy Rox!!" A shout could be heard, and this took the attention of the gal, causing her to turn. A tall male, which seemed older than her and was wearing the same specific attire was coming at her with large fast pace, while waving at her with a cheeky grin at the former. "You free today? Let's go play DDTank today?" He asked, before raising a hand.
"Oh Senior Veastz! Sure!" She replied, before them both high fived, and decided to walk home together.
"I gonna need help with Gulu Difficult, can you help with me today?" He asked, headscratching in embarrassment.
"Sure." Rox answered, before thinking for a little. "I think if we can just invite Lance and Ruvi, that would be easier." she added.
"Yeah that's a good idea, w
:iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 1 0
Dragon Savers- Uprising Episode 11
Blossom Storm
Meanwhile, at Dewfield...
"They brought back the dragon that rampaged at the Colliseum?" Little blurted, looking at the massive dragon lying on the fields. The other dragons also backed off, since it was so big that they can be quashed in a smack.
"Yeh, that's what we were told from Anna." Lloyd shrugged, before watching over it again. "Well it looks terribly weak now, so I guess no harm upon us." he added, looking at the dragon who just tilted its massive head to the left. After few hours, they heard a loud whirring and peeked out, before gasped. It's the Vanquisher's carrier.
"WHAT THE-THEY FOUND US!!" Nini gasped, before the ones in the league hurriedly getting their weapons, before they heard a loud shout.
"WAIT!! IT'S US HERE!!" Lance screamed, waving at the carrier's open door, causing the gang to stop.
"L-Lance-what are you doing in that plane?" Maeri asked, bewildered. Later, the rest dropped down, before Rex accidentally lost his footing and fell on the gr
:iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 1 0
Dragon Savers- Uprising Episode 10
An Awkward Week with Lock
As soon Mike noticed the gang had disappeared, leaving only himself and Lock, he suddenly took off his hands away from her and gasped five times.
"All is well, all is well...wait till I get back next week and he'll suffer!" Mike growled. Lock, seemed to be frozen, just hung her mouth a little before turning at him.
"So what do you want to do with me?" she asked, causing Mike to yelp.
"I'm not going to do anything at you, honest to goodness. And..." he noticed his Gatsby on top of Lock's head, which seemed to fit her. "Nice hat." he blurted. Lock then remembered about it, before taking it off and wear her own 'jester crown' hat.
"Found it lying on the floor in the lab." she muttered, her voice sounded quite low, grabbing her own hat like how Austina usually does.
"Anyways, lead me to where Roxis is." Mike asked, bowing three times. Unable to refuse, Lock then started to strut with Mike towards the said lab, before they heard a loud yell.
"What the-" Mike
:iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 1 0
Dragon Savers- Uprising Episode 9
The Bargain

"Okay, we're here now..." A blue haired lad muttered on his contactor, watching at a small tower in the midst of the snowing field. With the lad, which was Mike, Lance, Iuri, Rexiel, Spear, Fenrir and Annabelle huddled close together due to the cold.
"I had no idea why they forced you to join the group, Lance, despite they KNEW we're going into a cold place, and it's..." Mike grumbled, looking at the tower which was awfully lot familiar for him. "Thirteen years escaped from that tower, and here we are, welcome home."
"Without me, you're not breaking in secretly. You should ask THEM." Lance grumbled, pointing at Iuri who was covering his body with his cape, looking like a vampire, and Rexiel who seemed to be unaffected by the cold despite his Spartan Outfit which only covered half of his body and his boots which covered to the knees. Annabelle was wrapped by Rexiel's raving red cape, causing her to shudder a bit. Both Spear and Fenrir were wearing a thick sweater, ma
:iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 1 0
Pokemon and Me - Request from Milotic_Lover by vergilsaigakuzai Pokemon and Me - Request from Milotic_Lover :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 3 5 Pokemon and Me - Request from MaeriRyuagu17 by vergilsaigakuzai Pokemon and Me - Request from MaeriRyuagu17 :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 4 3 Pokemon and Me - Request from mickaylaanime by vergilsaigakuzai Pokemon and Me - Request from mickaylaanime :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 1 3 Me and Pokemon : Blushing White by vergilsaigakuzai Me and Pokemon : Blushing White :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 11 3 Me and Pokemon : Rhyme with the Devil by vergilsaigakuzai Me and Pokemon : Rhyme with the Devil :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 8 6
Tundra's Journal Part 1
The Liberation
"First day of my Project Starshine. I should accept this earlier, considering my state. But I guess I'm pretty much an oaf to not to do that. I accepted Lord Azrein's challenge as a mere human. Yes, a mere human. With an uncontrolled Ghoul inside me that I wasn't so sure if he would help me or not." Tundra wrote in his book. He was all clad in black with weapon straps at his back and his signet Aquarius anklet tied at his left foot. He was leaning at a large black rock, seemed to be hiding from something. He then peered, looking at the place. Unknown living beings that seemed to have no shape, no emotion and no mercy dwelled around the barren place which seemed to be covered in soot, making him shudder.
"So this is all the results of my doing long ago...never knew it creeped me out." he shuddered, before turning at a wooden, rotten by time plank with "You're now at the Pisces's Star of Harmony" written at it.
"Seems like Star of Discord for me." he grunted, before
:iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 0 1
When Avatars Gone Mad 3 by vergilsaigakuzai When Avatars Gone Mad 3 :iconvergilsaigakuzai:vergilsaigakuzai 1 6


Adoptable sets will be coming soon.
I will have to arrange some files and stuffs into files and delete the rest into scraps. Good day.
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